What’s So Great About a Chalkboard Wall?

Ramp up the modern vibe and endless fun in your home by creating a focus wall in your kitchen or great room with chalkboard paint. Keep reading to discover five innovative ways to use a chalkboard wall. From amusing wall art to useful home décor, you’ll love your new chalkboard feature wall.

(1) Leave Personal Messages

Write a personal message on your chalkboard wall to let someone in your home know how you feel. And, because you can easily erase the chalk notes, you can change up the messages whenever you desire.

(2) Create Original Art

Choose white or colored chalk to create an original piece of artwork on your chalkboard wall. Let the kids doodle funny individual pictures or work together to create a single mural.

(3) Post Helpful Reminders

Scribble a helpful reminder to your entire family or a specific individual in big letters on your chalkboard feature wall. It’s an easy, fun way to post a useful reminder for everyone to see.

(4) Do Your Homework

Use your chalkboard wall as a homework aid for school-aged kids. For example, your kids will love using chalk to write their spelling words, do math problems, and review for quizzes on your special wall.

(5) Play a Game

Use your chalkboard wall to play simple games, such as tic-tac-toe, Pictionary, and dots-and-boxes with another person. You can also enjoy solitary games on your chalkboard, like writing a word for every letter in the alphabet or jotting down several small words from a single larger word.

A chalkboard wall is a creative, functional way to use wall art in your home. From simple games to helpful messages, use your chalkboard wall to suit your needs and wants. It’s amazing how many fun-filled activities you can enjoy with a single chalkboard wall.  

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