Understanding the Importance of Software Testing

Software Testing in londonTesting is a major step to check the quality of software. IT professionals should take the role of software testing seriously, because testing is an integral part of development and planning. Many organizations that develop software today have realized that they need a quality assurance management system to manage things. Testing is a preventive process since it ensures the identification of bugs or errors or defects.

Testing was conventionally used at the end of a project. Today, organization uses agile approach for testing software. The question that arises now is that how Quality Assurance (QA) run more test cases while meeting expectations. The answer to this question is automation and test management tools. Automation allows QA to run necessary and repetitive tests without needing to manually execute them. This provides considerable time to team for tasks like alleviating defects, and ensuring that product is delivered to customers with the highest quality.

Latest test management tools including Seelnium, TestComplete, Ranorex, BackstopJS, and HP Unified Functional Testing help software developer to solve major problems. Testing provides following benefits:

  • Testing corroborates that all declared functional requirements are used in software
  • It ensures quality of the final product
  • Testing assures developers that there are no errors in the code
  • It affirms that the end user uses the application with ease
  • Testing makes sure that stored and process data is safe from unauthorized access and hacking
  • It confirms that the application is able to operate in all necessary conditions

We are human beings, and we commit errors in different processes, some of the errors do not have any impact in our life while some errors are so severe that they can affect the whole process. Errors in software development are severe errors and need attention of the developers. Software errors should be caught in advance, and such errors should be caught before deploying the software in production departments.

Let’s take an example of XYZ banking website where a customer logs in and transfer amount to another account. After transferring of the amount, he gets the confirmation message that amount got transferred successfully and was deducted from his account. After sometime, he confirmed with the person whom he transferred the amount, the person tells him he has not received the amount, this is where testing of software becomes important. The amount was not transferred to the mentioned person, because bank did not test its banking software. Testing should never be ignored, because it affects all end users of software.

Let us take another example. Suppose we do not test traffic control software and directly put it in the production environment. There is too much risk involved in such case, and it will very likely fail the software, because the software is not tested at all.

Have you understood now why testing is so important for a business? Testing is a crucial step of product development, and the product that are not tested get failed. You can also think of many real life examples that will tell you why testing is an important part of software development.

Why is testing done?

Testing is done for the following reasons, and these reasons are also why testing is considered as the important step of software development

  1. Testing is used to discover deficit in software.
  2. It is done to avoid user detecting problems.
  3. It is done to ensure that software has no fault.
  4. It is used to discover the reliability of software.
  5. It is used to avoid being sued by customers.
  6. It ensures that product work as the expectation of users.
  7. It is done to stay in a business
  8. It is done to detect defects early in order to reduce the cost of defects’ fixing.

In a nutshell, testing is used to check the quality of software. IT professionals should take the process of testing seriously, because testing is a crucial process to detect defects in software. QA assures that the final product is delivered to the customers with the best quality. There are several reasons why testing is done, and the main reason why testing is done is to ensure that the end product designed is perfect and free from defects.

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