Types of carports

Carports are structures with a roof and optional side walls which are primarily built to protect and park vehicles. They earlier used to be a choice but now have become a necessity. Almost every home these days comes with a safe parking space for your vehicles. There is a large range of carports which you can choose from to best suit your needs and budget. There are many types of carports ranging from free-standing carports to attached, from metallic to plastic-made. They can also be constructed in varying sizes and can be used for different purposes. They are categorized based on their usage, building material, and location of construction.

  • Based on usage

Single carports: These carports are minimal structures. They are erected with four pillars and a roof and are designed with one spot parking to accommodate a single car. If you want to enclose some part you can add decking or blinds.

Double carports: These carports are similar to the single carports. They are also built with basic and minimal structure but are a little larger. They are designed to accommodate two cars parked side by side. Another version of the double carport is a tandem carport. They can be used to park two cars with one behind the other. They are appropriate for properties with less space.

Large carports for additional storage: These carports are larger and are designed to be used for different purposes. In addition to car storage, they are used to store other households like gardening tools, equipment, boxes, etc. Because of their large size, they can also be used for leisure activities.

  • Based on material

Wooden carports: These carports are constructed using wood. These are durable and long-lasting. The maintenance is a little consuming as the wood may alter character due to changing and extreme weather. The cost of these carports depends on the type of wood selected.

Plastic and PVC carports: These carports are popular as they are least expensive. The maintenance is easier and low cost. Some carports are built by placing a vinyl or asbestos sheet for the roof over the frame of wood or plastic.

Metal carports: Metal carports are modern style carports. They are extremely durable and can stand strong against nature’s forces. Different types of metals are used in carport construction. However, steel and aluminum are the most sought metals because of their cost-effectiveness.

Permanent carports: These carports are constructed with concrete and are designed to stay as long as your home stays. The pillars and roof both are constructed with a permanent material. These carports are often designed to align with the view of your home. They essentially appear as a part of your home and give a uniform look to the whole structure.

  • Based on location

Attached carports: These carports are constructed in a way that they are linked to some other building. They can be linked to a garage, shed, or your home.

Stand-alone carports: These carports are constructed at a separate location that is not attached to any other building. These are constructed for properties that have large land space and are generally bigger.

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