Top 7 Scooter Tricks for Beginners


For most people, the real fun in riding scooters involves pulling off some fancy maneuvers and tricks. If you are just beginning to get the gist of riding a scooter, don’t dismay. It doesn’t take professionals to follow some neat tricks. There are various best pro scooter tricks that you can accomplish as a beginner. They are simple to follow through and require minimal effort.

Here are 7 scooter tricks for beginners:

  • The Jay Hop
  • Wheelie
  • Kick-out
  • Fackie
  • Bar Spin
  • No Footer
  • No or one-hander
  1. The Jay hop

The jay hop also popularly known as the bunny hop or Ollie is the easiest trick in the book. It is also the gateway to accomplishing many other skills. If it’s easy, you need to make sure you get it right! To achieve the Ollie pull your scooter handlebars simultaneously with your feet. This will cause the wheels to rise from the ground while you’re on top. In the simplest terms, you just need to jump while holding the scooter and you can easily achieve your first Ollie. In a scale of 1 to 5 in the difficulty level, the bunny hop takes a 1. After this, you can easily move to grinds, whips and a whole lot more.

  1. Wheelie

What about some good ol’ wheelie? This is yet one of the most comfortable tricks to achieve as a beginner in riding a scooter. You only need to lean back to balance on your hind wheel while you lift up your front handles. It will raise the front part of the scooter getting the front wheels from the surface.

The opposite of this trick referred as the Endo involves lifting up the alternative wheel. You will just have to balance using the front wheel while lifting the back one. One a 1 to 5 difficulty scale, this trick takes a 2.

  1. Kick-out

After these two tricks, you are up for a little adrenaline rush with the kick-out. Regardless of it being a little tricky compared to the other two, this trick shouldn’t take up too much practice. It can easily become something that you may get to combine with other many fun and exciting tricks. It involves pulling off a bunny hop then kicking off the deck to a different direction while at 45 degrees.

Don’t forget to straighten the deck before your victory landing! This prevents weird landings.

  1. Fakie

Starting out by doing the fakie gives you a great start to begin some impressive backward tricks. It is effortless. You only need to ride your scooter in a backward motion. However, it requires you to have control over your scooter while balancing. To start off by achieving a fakie, approach a pipe or a ramp and glide on as you leave gravity to do the rest. How easy huh?

  1. Bar spin

In this trick, all the action happens around the bars. It involves turning your handlebars 360 or 180 degrees. To spice up the bar whip, you can combine it with the tail whip that involves spinning your deck in the same way but when you are in mid-air. This may turn out to be the trickiest beginner trick in the book so don’t dismay if you’re not quite getting it. However, if you manage to do it, you can get to have some real fun pulling off some advanced tricks on your scooter.

  1. No Footer

The no footer is all about the perfect timing and getting some air. Just as it’s named, it involves taking off both of your feet from the deck. If you get this first step, you can follow through by getting some mad air and stretch your legs out. There are various tricks you can incorporate into the no footer. You can try pushing yourself off the deck without jumping, but this needs high precision.

  1. No or one-hander

Once you get some decent air, test your abilities by taking off one of your hand from the handlebars. It might be wobbly on the first try, but this is hands down the sweetest move. After this, test out your confidence by taking off both your hands. You can later add this trick to various combos.

If you are worried whether you can manage any of these tricks, you just need to head on outside and get your stance down. Get to practice the tricks as much as possible. The frequent you practice the faster you’ll learn these neat tricks. Moreover, don’t get frustrated if you don’t quite get them. Be patient, don’t beat yourself up over it. Keep trying, and before no time you’ll be nailing some impressive skills that you’ll show off to your friends.

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