Top 5 iOS Apps Part 1

iOS AppsIt is quite simple to find best applications that you can download onto your iOS device. It only becomes easy if you are looking for Facebook, Amazon, eBay, and other such well-established platforms. However, the App Store has a wealth of applications spread across different categories. There are several hidden gems that do not receive the appropriate recognition. The interesting fact about these hidden applications is that they deliver fantastic functionality and have new features that enhance productivity/efficiency. We are presenting you with the top five apps that you can install on iPhone or iPad.


Apple’s Clips provides you with active filters when you are running out of time to find a new social network. The application allows a user to shoot images and videos and add wacky filters. The major attraction of the application is the ability to add subtitles which the user can do so by speaking. Make sure to repeat yourself, as the app may not always capture the voice the very first time.


The coloring book application is excellent for relaxing after a stressful day. The app arrives with a series of free illustrations, which the users can unlock by proceeding by completing an illustration each day. They can fill the picture with acrylic or watercolor brush, fill tool, spray paint, and custom palettes with gradient color wheel. It even has in-app purchases as well as subscriptions that unlock the entire content available in the app.

MyScript Nebo:

The platform developed for iOS is rich in features and is a notetaking application built keeping in mind about the Apple Pencil. With the help of the interactive technology developed by the feature, the app automatically analyzes the written notes into text and allows you to format the same according to the requirement. You can further add bullet points, diagrams, mathematical notations, pictures, and annotations. It also provides an excellent search facility that enables you to find quickly from the vast notes that you have taken down.


Enlight is a powerful combination of photo editing tools and simple controlling system. The premium photo editing software is excellent for both iPhone and iPad. Featured in the 2017 Apple Design Awards, the app includes filters, color and tone controls, editing tools, masking features, photo correction tools, and so on. The mixing function is an added advantage to the application, as it enables you to overlay two different images at the same time.

Garage Band:

For any music lover or those interested in pursuing music but do not possess the monetary/financial support to acquire the instrument, GarageBand is the right platform. This platform is available on iMac, Mac and iPhone with same features and now you can get Garageband for Windows too and enjoy it on your PC. The free to use app has everything in it in the form of instruments, loops, sounds, and synthesizers produced by the software. The Lesson Store has free downloads for both guitar and piano. Using it is a boon for a beginner, as they can learn right from handling an equipment to creating a tune in a few seconds.

Second part –

Recommendation, all-in-one iPhone manager for you to manage iOS devices in a better way.

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