Top 5 classroom Tech Trends to watch

classroom TechThe advancement in Technology has turned out to be useful in every aspect of life especially in the field of Education. This advancement has played a pivotal role in changing the traditional methods of teaching and learning throughout the globe. This improvement started with the introduction of white board, projectors and presentations, has now advanced to new methodologies and applications.Here are 5 Classroom Technology Trends which have become integral part of modern classroom:

1. Internet or Electronic Learning:

This advanced technology facilitates the students to acquire education from any part of the world. This is particularly useful if they miss a lecture due to sickness or travel, they can attend it online from anywhere, and all they require is a Computer and a fast internet connection. Such technology allows them to view live classroom lectures which can also be recorded and reviewed later. Another big advantage of electronic online learning is that the students can chose to take lectures from the best faculty member which might be residing in any part of the world.

The contents are accessible at any time of the day. Such learning technology can be used to submit test, homework and classroom assignments online according to their convenience and in their own comfort zone, thus making the whole process of learning and education simple and hassle free. According to latest research the students nowadays are opting for convenient online learning over traditional and physical classroom teaching sessions.

2. Flipped Learning:

Flipped Learning is the latest trend that is being followed by many education sectors. This is a blend of traditional classroom learning and convenient online learning in which students can attend teacher’s lectures online during any part of the day. The student can watch it and has complete access to the presentations which have been prepared by the teacher. Next day the teacher will createa group of students and then discuss the previous online lectures and presentation with them and give answers to the queries and resolve their problems. For a successful flipped learning it is important for the students to watch the lecture with full concentration and write down any queries, while the parents need to ensure that their children are watching the online lectures at home.

3. Digital Learning:

With the advancement in Science and Technology there has been an introduction of new books for learning, called as Digital books. These digital books, called tablets, are being used by people of all age groups. The students can easily open their classroom lessons in their tablets, read and understand, and can also have access to the assignments and tests. The students will be able to have better understanding of topics by viewing the graphs, charts and relevant images provided by the teacher.

Plus one time investment on digital text books has proved to be more cost effective than buying text books which keep getting expensive and upgraded every year.

4. Social Media Groups:

These days all the students and teachers have access to social media forums such as Facebook and Twitter. The main advantage of using the social media in classroom setup is to connect the students and teachers in aninformative platform where the students can place their queries regarding any topic and other students who have knowledge aboutthe topic can post their answers. And teachers can provide the students with relevant images and presentations.

5. Introducing Learning Games:

In this modern era games are being introduced to students in classroom. These games have been specialized to be used for the purpose of learning. Many scientific researches have proved the success of introducing learning games in classroom which keep the students engaged and give them a better understanding about the subject. Playing games is loved by all students, learning games are fun and easy to use.

They help the students solve problems and apply concepts in their daily life. These games are particularly useful in understanding difficult subjects like Math, Chemistry and Physics. These learning games include challenges which need to be resolved and once you win you are rewarded and then provided with bigger challenges. Such games are a source of enjoyment and motivation. The students will love playing such games and parents will be happy about not sitting down and forcing their kids to learn their text books.

These top 5 classroom technology trends are being followed by education institutes throughout the world as they are helping in making learning an enjoyable and easy experience for students of all age groups.

Author Bio:The Author of this post is Prof. Roger Tim, who is a PhD in Recreational Sciences from Indiana University Bloomington, South America. now days affiliated with assignment writing service uk as a content manager.

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