Tips To Create An elegant Butterfly Bedroom For Children

Nature and garden themes have always been the more popular choices for home décor. Putting up some flowers, birds, grass or mountains instantly lights up the atmosphere in homes. One major bedroom theme that is a raging hit amongst kids of all ages especially girls, is the butterfly bedroom theme. This has become increasingly popular amongst interior decorators and makes for an elegant and lovely theme for children’s bedroom. A butterfly themed bedroom also adds an adorable charm and ambiance to a room. Butterflies are many beautiful colours, so this will not limit. Could just go and on about this but enough talk. In this post, I will provide you some handy tips that you can use for inspiration and create an elegant butterfly for your kids:

Wall Décor:

Let’s start from the basics, shall we? One of the first things is deciding the butterfly wall décor for bedroom. One good way for creating a perfect wall décor is to make use of wall decals. These are easy to use and can be easily put to use right away by pasting them on the wall. There are a number of ways to make use of wall decals for a bedroom. You can play with a lot of ideas here. One can be putting up a large butterfly wall decal which covers one wall of the bedroom in its entirety. Herein you can decorate the wall with colorful photographs of your family. If you want to experiment a bit, you can create an entire garden wherein you have an assortment of butterfly stickers for bedroom walls ranging from a small house, a sun or a flowing river and along these place up a bunch of small colorful butterfly wall decals.

Picket Fence:

A picket fence can add suave to your kid’s bedroom creating a garden inspired look that compliments the butterfly theme you have in mind. There are different varieties of picket fences ideas to choose from. One can make use of real fence posts that can be hand painted on the wall. You can also make use of vinyl cut-outs which can be incorporated with flowers and vines. This can then be complimented along with faux painted grass, ladybugs and chirping birds painted randomly across the room. Butterfly themed room may be the subject of your room but a picturesque surrounding incorporating various elements helps create a magical feel.


Picket fence on wall with flowers. You can add as many flowers as you like to the garden. Also to include stickers and others.





There are different kinds of butterfly themed artwork available online and home décor stores. You can buy small prints and dress them along with dressers and bookcase. You can even go the extra mile and cut out images from magazines and books or if you are familiar with the use of Photoshop then you can use that to add your kid’s name to online images or make a collage and get them printed all along the walls of the bedroom. It need not be anything fancy but even a simple colorful nature theme involving an assortment of small plants and animals completes the butterfly effect you wish to have.


You can make use of different accessories to create a colorful effect in the surroundings like making use of butterfly lamps, stools or nylon hanging butterflies. You can place them up as you wish across the bedroom. Your kid is definitely going to love the butterfly effect and will certainly love the efforts you have taken to design their room. If you are looking for the latest deals on furniture, clothes, home decorations, and accessories, then be sure to visit Hot UK Savings Laura Ashley.


You need to be picky when it comes to picking the furniture for your kid’s bedroom. There is not much point in experimenting here as a simple mistake might end up costing you more than you can anticipate. Keeping it simple when it comes to furniture is a great idea when it comes to picking one. Stick with neutral colours like off white classic furniture with the butterfly themed bedroom. You can then replace the knobs and handles of the furniture with butterfly-themed hardware that will complement the theme of the room. If you are keen on keeping a dresser or bookshelf for your kid, then working with different colours will help complete that effect.

Curtains and lights:

Floral patterns work great with a butterfly themed room. The tip is to not overdo it with bright colours. You can also make use of organza ribbons and place them strategically throughout the curtains or you can make use of small nylon butterflies and tie it along the curtains. There are also a wide variety of butterfly-shaped lighting options available in the market. You can pick two or three for the bedroom and make use of bedroom fairly lights for bedroom to complete the effect. There are also butterfly string lights for bedroom available in the market nowadays.

So, now that you have some pro tips at your disposal, how about making use of these tips and making one butterfly themed bedroom for your kid on their next birthday or your new home. They are surely bound to love it.

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