How Technology Has Clearly Changed Hunting

technologyThe antique sport of hunting has gradually changed over the last number of decades, especially hunting technology. Improvements in rifle manufacturing have amplified accuracy, precision, and their functionality while Gears such as GPS units have made it much easy to navigate in the hunting field. While some people debate it’s for the better others assume it’s for the worse. However, it’s undeniable that technology has greatly influenced the hunting culture. Here’s how technology has changed hunting.

Aerial Photography:

Aerial Photography one of the many ways on how technology has changed hunting. Aerial mapping software has provided hunters images that assist them to identify the perfect locations to set up a hunt. They also assist one to plan their hunting stuff to entice more award-winning catches. One can also use these images to understand a public hunting zone and do a map out a plan that will assist one to see where the prey is likely to be always.

Smartphone Apps:

Apps for hunting from smartphones help in informing one of best times, to keep track of log observations, hunters’ exact locations, and a lot much more. For peak hunting times, one can download smartphone app which gives up-to-date and real-time details for peak time of the day to go hunting, sunrises/ sunsets, feeding phases of your different prey. Instead of dragging around a duck or turkey, many smartphones apps provides hunters over 20 communicating calls for turkey, waterfowl deer, and even other bigger predators. Smartphones come in handy when it comes to tracking, recording and collecting all of the hunting observations and info, storage of all details on a hunter’s trip including target game, waterfowl, and even the animal’s weight all on a journal app.


Ozonics is usually ozone maker that assists hunters in eliminating scents. Having this device, one does not need to bother themselves about wind course. Traditionally, hunters had to watch out for almost for everything including wind direction so that their prey wouldn’t smell their odor and run into hiding. However, technology has enabled it to be possible to use the same wind to one’s advantage in so many ways. First, hunters can now wear camouflage hunting clothes which have a doe scent on them. This attracts infatuated prey (buck) that wants to mate. Then, one can use ozonics.

Trail Cameras and Drones:

Trail cameras a symbol of how technology has changed hunting. Trail cameras act as a hunter’s eyes in the hunting field when one is not there physically. Trail cameras have completely transformed the way hunting is done in this century. Trail cameras give hunters valuable input on prey habits and locations of on the hunting grounds. A trail camera will even pinpoint the precise time that a buck has come into your area.

Some lately designed trails cameras can be made to take snap shots and email them to hunters if they can access constant internet in their area.

Though still a debatable topic, drones are also being used now more often in hunting to space out a potentially rewarding hunting zones or even locating target animals. Unlike cameras, drones have a quicker response, increase accessibility and give a higher-quality footage.

Bottom line:

It’s quite clear that technology has altered and changed the way we do hunting today. Hunters can now use a number of various technological devices and gears to help them locate their prey easily. I don’t know about you but I’d say technology, in this case, has brought more pros than cons in hunting.

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