Technology Brands Have Secret Eyes on User Activity

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The notorious case of NSA is known to all. It was a scandal that showed how the US government and its security agencies have been spying on the people of the US and other international visitors. Recently, Facebook admitted that it has been giving access to user data to other companies. Russian government forced Facebook to give its access to the user data or shut down their offices.

Stories like these make us believe we are not safe anywhere in the world. A lot of companies monitor their own staff, spy on the employees and watch the users in privacy. The use of smartphones has further helped these tech companies to get access to contacts, photos, camera, emails, messages, calls, locations and everything on a user phone.

Below are some of the top companies that have secret eyes on user activity.


Google is one of the most valuable tech companies around the world. The Alphabet owns the search engine, browsers, email service, cloud services, and other facilities. They are spying on the users without their knowledge. Users have no idea of how this company is watching them in their privacy.

When you use their maps services, your phone gives permission to access your location and tracks it. One the location is permitted to the apps; they will keep it. The location is stored and will be updated with your movement. This is how the company keep you watching and tracking your activities without your knowledge.


This all-time notorious site is now better known for stealing user data, selling it, spying on the users and making fake promises of protecting the users. Facebook has been in trouble for some time and the bad time doesn’t seem to end for the tech giant. They have created troubles as they started to use user data.

Facebook reportedly spies on the users without their knowledge. Everything you share and tell the site is stored. Even they have the policy to protect user data but they don’t fulfill such promises because the money is more valuable than user data.


This filter-based social media site has also been affecting user privacy. SnapChat doesn’t have a website or a desktop version. They only have a mobile app for different operating systems. With the mobile option, they get better control over the user data.

You should think for a while why the owners and bosses of these tech companies become billionaires overnight for offering free services to the users. They use your data. They make money. They sell your information. They promise free services but nothing is free in this world nowadays. Be careful as SnapChat is spying on your information.


Facebook owns this photo sharing website. In fact, Facebook has tried to purchase a very social media site and have been successful to some extent. But failed to get SnapChat and then started copying its features. Instagram is a social site really popular these days.

However, various reports show that the site is not safe when it comes to user data. The site stores user information further sells it and makes money. The users are promised their data is safe and will not be shared with anyone. But this is just hoax. They are affecting user privacy in many ways.

What to Do Now?

If you ask us how to prevent all this, we will recommend turning off your devices or deleting all these apps. Stop using these sites and apps. But you can take care regarding your data if you still want to use these websites.

There is a dire need that users understand how these companies work and why they sell your data. The best practice is to avoid sharing as many information and details as possible. Share the least, post the least and not share everything on these websites. Know the safety rules and protect your data.

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