Task Management tips for lazy Entrepreneurs to get things done

Enough has been said about time management. Now, it is all about energy management. For Entrepreneurs to succeed they need to plan how to use their energy.

Although there is a lot of hype about online task management system which in most cases do work, Entrepreneurs still feel the need to make the most of the things by doing some practical stuff.

Here are some actionable tips to get things done & make the most of your time.

1) Write everything down

I don’t care if you’re the CEO or working as a janitor for a company. If you really want to get things done, you need to start by writing them down.

Start by writing the small stuff. Like the to-do list. The daily plan and your daily goals.

Once you’ve mastered the day-to-day list, you can come up with one-year, or five-year goals. The point is not to make you a writer, point is to exercise your brain to be more creative with your ideas.

Once you jot down all the things that are working in your brain, you will have space in your brain to think on the things that are important for your brand.

Julia Cameron in her book The Artist’s Way (a must-read for every Entrepreneur) talks about writing ‘Morning Pages’ first thing in the morning. Morning pages are simply writing anything that comes to your mind in the first 20 minutes when you wake up.

2) Visualize the end-result of each task

It is good to start with the end in mind. Rob Parsons in his book The Sixty Minute Father talks about visualizing the end-result before starting the task.

Whenever you are about to start a task, in your mind, first think of completing the task successfully in your mind.

Once you’ve done it in your mind, it gets easier to get it done in actual form.

All the athletes and sports starts used visualization to get things done faster.

 3) Start with the most difficult task first

They say if you want to take care of the brawl, pick the heaviest one and hit him hard.

In task management, you can achieve the same by an effective online task management system in place.

Or you can use the 80/20 rule to do the hard work. Pick out the 20% tasks that offer 80% of your work. Do those things first that you will have an easy life.

Once you have overpowered the big tasks, you can easily go with lighter ones in the later hours of the day.

4) Slice them up

The best approach to get the things done is to divide it into smaller chunks and treat them as separate and do them fast.

This will keep the flow of the tasks on the right track. You need to ensure that you make the necessary schedule to do the tasks in the right manner.

Order of the tasks is important. If you need to get the things in a proper manner, you need to start well and stay organized throughout the project life cycle.

To wrap it up all

You need to get things done in a more effective manner. And to do that you need to follow the tips mentioned above. These are tips that I’ve followed and have worked for me.

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