Supplements For Boosting Ketones Without Limiting The Carb Intake

The market is filled with a large number of keto supplements. We have collated the ones which have been proven scientifically to boost ketone levels.

Ketone Salts

Available in powder form, the ketone salts offer a unique combination of ketone bodies and minerals such as potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium. Intake of these salts can lead to a substantial rise in the level of ketones almost instantaneously. However, this should not be viewed as a replacement of carbohydrate restriction. If you wish to experiment with ketone salts, then it is advisable to go with the one which is in sync with your mineral requirements. BHB can provide you with increased cellular energy courtesy its additional chemical reaction which our body undergoes on a biochemical level.


The medium chain triglycerides found in palm oil, butter, cheese, coconut oil and yogurt have shorter chain length compared to fatty acids thus making them a better alternative for our body for engaging in energy production. MCTs can be of great help while on the keto diet as it gets converted into ketones which fulfil the energy requirements of our body rather than being stored in fat state. Compared to pure coconut oil, an MCT oil supplement can aid us in saving the valuable energy since our body has to work less while digesting. The fatty acids are already separated from the other nutrients in this supplement paving the way for quicker energy conversion. The best feature of MCT oil is its colorless and odorless character which makes it the perfect supplement for being added to our favorite smoothies, shakes and other keto beverages such as herbal tea or coffee.


This amino acid acts as an antioxidant and is recommended for those who engage in intense physical workouts during ketosis. As we all know, these exercises can easily deplete our body’s stock of glutamine thus producing free radicals. While we cut down on carbs we might reduce our consumption of antioxidant-rich vegetables and fruits. Supplementing the same with a powerful antioxidant like that of glutamine can help us in preventing cellular damage, boost muscle recovery time in between workouts and our level of immunity.


Muscle contractions and energy production in our body is influenced by Creatine, thus making it an absolute favorite of bodybuilders, athletes and keto-dieters around the world. This amino acid can perform wonders on people who wish to build lean muscle mass and increase their endurance level during high-intensity workout while on a keto diet. Creatine, which is naturally produced by our body depletes with growing age. You can resort to a creatine supplement for maintaining the concentrated amino acid dosage and making the most out of exercising during the keto diet.

Fish Oil

Fatty fish are rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids which aid in fighting inflammation. Certain fatty foods such as dairy, high oleic vegetable oils etc. are rich in omega-6s. Our body has limited requirement of the same. If consumed in greater quantum, these can become pro-inflammatory. Chronic illnesses such as arthritis might be promoted by systemic inflammation when we consume higher quantities of omega-6s although our omega-3s meter does not get filled. The perfect keto supplements available readily at can aid you in catering to your fish oil requirements.

These supplements, however, cannot meet up with the nutrient needs of a normal ketogenic diet. Hence, it is advisable to limit carbs before you start using the same.

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