How to shift gears on a mountain bike

mountain bikeMountain bikes give the thrill of riding. There are tactics to enjoy rides on such bikes. A bike with gears will give you a comfortable ride. A fair knowledge of the functioning of gears will ease your job. And the trick to know when to shift gears on a mountain bike will solve a big problem

Techniques of shifting gear: For front gear shifting, use left hand on the handlebar:

Few techniques include:

-Turn your wrist on grip shifter.

-Use thumb to work on small levers above or below the handlebars.

– Work with fingertips on larger levers next to the handbrakes.

For rear gear shifting, use your right hand. Put your gear down for pedaling easily.

Two ways of shifting gear down:

– Shift into a smaller gear in the front.

– Shift into a bigger gear in the back.

Put your gear up for powerful pedaling.

Two ways of shifting gear up:

– Shift into a bigger gear in the front.

– Shift into a smaller gear in the back.

When and how to shift gears:

Shifting gears is more of an art and science and hence do it carefully. Following are few ways of shifting gears:

When you are starting off, pick a low gear.

– When you start riding, shift your gear down as this will help you to get back speed easily and quickly.

If you are willing to stop riding soon, shift your gear low so that you can easily start riding again. Gear up gradually as you pick up speed. Shift your gear down for riding up a hill.

– It’s very difficult to move up a hill in high gear.

– Using lower gears one can ride up a hill.

Shift your gear up when on a flat surface or while riding down a hill:

– High gear helps to speed up while you’re going downhill.

– Lower gears won’t turn the chain quick enough to keep up with the wheels when you’re rolling downhill.

Shift up carefully to avoid hurting your joints.

– High gear ride gives thrill but overdoing it may be harmful to your body.

– Riding in high gear can put stress on your joints especially knee joints and can cause soreness and joint problems over a period over time.

– Compared to lower gear pedaling, high gear pedaling is not a good exercise for your heart and lungs.

– Shift into high gears only after picking up a speed.

Avoid choosing gears that “crisscross” the chain.

– Chain wears down and breaks over time and produce sound and slippage over time.

– Don’t use the largest front gear with the larger rear gears.

– Don’t use the smallest front gear with the smaller rear gears.

Many are under the impression that riding a mountain bike is very easy and associate that with health benefits. However, one needs to be careful while riding it both in terms of how much to ride and how to ride. So, riding is simply not pedaling or rolling. It is much more than what a common man thinks.

Right techniques and tricks are essential. Gearing is a very important component of riding a mountain bike. A superficial knowledge on this can only become an obstacle in enjoying your adventure. A thorough understanding of when and how to shift gears on a mountain bike can work wonders while giving you the thrill that you are waiting for. Have a great time on your mountain bike!

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