What Sewing Machine Features Appeal to You

Sewing machines of “olden days” only did one thing–stitch in a straight line! Today even fairly basic machines have several stitch options available, a basic button hole feature, and are relatively inexpensive.

Today’s sewer can have just about anything, depending on budget. Machines today can be manual or computerized, heavy or light. What works for you really depends on how you want to use the machine.

Easy machine totes make traveling with your machine easy, so lighter machines are a great option for the sewer on the go.

For sewers who like to do a lot of craftsy projects and cute outfits with decorative top stitching, a lot of stitch options are a must. Twin needles offer another fun option for top stitching in two colors. Most of these features are available on personal use machines.

If you are looking at sewing professionally, you might want these features in a heavy duty sewing machine. These machines are designed to handle heavy sewing because they have a much stronger motor.

See a sewing machine dealer to see what options are available and what warranties are offered.

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