How to safely chop firewood with a splitting maul?


Most of us who depend on wood to get through the winter is familiar with the splitting maul. Chopping firewood seems not to be that difficult. However, without the proper procedure, you can take a day doing the task without having accomplished it. Even worse, you can hurt yourself seriously if you do not do it right.

I guess you know the traditional way that people use a chopping block to split the firewood. Typically, they will place a steady block vertically on a flat surface and then put the wood which they want to cut into pieces above it. After that, they use an axe or a maul to split it.


However, that old way is time-consuming and less safety.Especially, it is hard to break the smaller pieces of wood since it can not balance in the chopping block.

In this post, I will present to you how to safely chop firewood using a splitting maul in a new way. Keep reading it until the end, you might be surprised by this novel method.

1. Get yourself ready

First of all, you need to prepare an excellent wood-splitting tool that is in good shape. A splitting maul is a big sled hammer that is from 6 to 8 pounds in weight.

It has a sharp axe head and a long handle, making it is stronger in splitting the hardwood comparing with the axe. So, be sure that you choose the right and well-operated one.

Moreover, it is also important to equip yourself with a pair of working gloves and boots, and protective glasses. Although these accessories are optional, you should prepare to ensure your safety.

2. Choose an appropriate place

Before carrying on the real splitting task, make sure you have adequate space. An open outdoor area that is far from people might be ideal. You can also utilize your spacious back garden to split firewood.

3. Select a big and robust log to use as a bolster

The most traditional way to break the logs is to have a chopping block vertically located on the ground. However, I recommend you to position it horizontally. Importantly, the block must be compact and sturdy enough to endure under the forces when you split the logs.

4. Position your logs

Take the piece of wood you want to split and place it above the chopping block. Then, adjust the log to make it stay steady. That will not only ensure the effectiveness of the splitting job, but also prevent any possible harms. You should make sure the higher side of the log faces toward you.


5. Get the right posture

Before using the splitting maul, ensure that there is nothing underfoot that might interfere you such as twigs, mud, stones. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart facing logs. It is essential since it keeps you balanced and helps devote all your strength to your arms.

6. Handle your maul correctly

Hold the hammer in both hands horizontally near the waist level elbows comfortably bent. One hand at the base of the handle palm facing toward you and the others at the neck thumb next to the maul head palm facing away from you.

7. Prepare your swing

Before making the actual swing, make sure there’s no one and nothing nearby that might be hit by the maul. Then, raise the maul overthe head extending arms high straightening back to maximum potential energy.

During the upswing, allow the hand next to the maul head to slide down the handle and meet the hand holding the bottom of the handle. When your hands are directly over the head, begin a very powerful downswing. At this point, concentrate your vision to the point of intended impact.

To gain more strength, bend at the waist and bend your knee to involve all your body in the swing. If the wood is hard or green, you won’t be able to split it completely in one swing. Then, with the next one, aim for the splits that you did create before. Continue chopping the log’s splits until it is completely separated. Pursue this cycle until you cut all your wood into pieces.

You can check this video out for visual guidelines of this new method.


Here is my bonus tip, if your amount of firewood is numerous. This following video will give useful tips on how to safely split many pieces of wood at one time.


Follow the above steps, and I am sure you will find it is way easier to cut firewood yourself at home with a splitting maul. And now, it’s time to make a fire!

I hope you enjoy this tutorial. Please comment below if you have any question!


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