What is the need of a Bariatric Examination Table?

The branch of medicine that basically deals with causes, prevention as well as treatment of obesity is known as bariatric examination tables. This is such a field that considers the behavioral therapy related to losing weight. This includes dieting, exercising and all the factors that lead to loss of weight. The patients suffering from obesity must undergo pharmacotherapy and surgery. These tables specifically designed that has all the automatic and adjustable tools. There is no need to scroll down the things required down the tables. These examination tables are found in hospitals as well as clinics and many other diagnostic centers. The tables can be controlled by remotes so the doctors and technicians can easily adjust to the mechanism. The patients find themselves very comfortable when they are asked to lie on the table.

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Why bariatric surgery?

Obesity is nowadays a matter of great concern as it is becoming a serious health issue all over the world. It has detrimental effects on health so the patients who suffer from obesity opt for this surgery. How to find that you are obese?

  • The individuals with high body mass index have huge risk factor. This means the index has exceeded the normal range and must undergo medical conditions using bariatric examination tables. Obesity is such a disease that will invite heart disease, asthma, diabetes and cancer.
  • The children with overweight have great difficulty in doing any activity; they also have problems in losing weight even if they follow a strict diet. If they find that the results are not positive, they lose hope and stop dieting. Hence, they again come back to their normal weight. In this case, they need to avail some bariatric medication and even they can also go for the surgery for extreme case. You can find some bariatric patient units in reputed hospitals and health care center. These units have some bariatric tables and they use to examine their patients on these tables only.
  • In such case bariatric surgery plays a very important role. It helps to improve the total health condition of the patient. It ultimately shows great and alarming results for an obese person to lose weight.

Types of bariatric tables

  • The bariatric examination tables are found in different types. One is commonly known as the universal table as it has numerous applications. It is sometimes named ad examination table or treatment table or may be massage table.
  • The examination tables are either mounted in the wall or are static. It also may be mobile tables and has the feature of adjustable sections. They are made with very high quality synthetic leather. The adjustments can be easily done with the help of a grid or a system of clamping rod mechanism. This is either done by spring or gas pressure or may be electric charge.
  • The tables for patients have various options. They are well equipped with roll holder or any other additional accessories like for example drawer units, positioning aids etc.
  • The mobile tables have specific mobile system that can roll or be lifted. It has a device or a central locking system with four double castors.

The bariatric examination tables are basically reference chairs for consultations for obese patients. It is an n optimum welcome for obese patients and the medical examination can be done under best conditions. Since the problem of obesity is increasing worldwide, other specialists in varied fields are also joining in treating these patients. The examination tables that are used are equipped with pedal controls, wide upholstery as well as a frame that enables a very heavy weight patient to lie on the table.

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