How much does a full car service cost

In India there are thousands of car servicing deals available in the market. The ranges depends on the oil or filter change, partial or a complete checkup of the vehicle, and even on that whether you just need inspection or a complete servicing. Even the number of times the check is performed on the vehicle depends on the type and servicing packages.

Hence, the user always need to make sure what his need is. So that he is not required to pay for anything extra. Schedule for every car while servicing is definitely different from one another.

It is essential for you to know that which part requires more focus after how much internal. It ensures you are not going for unnecessary car servicing and also that you are not missing out over any essential one.

Even the warranty period should be followed properly, there are guidelines informed to have certain regular servicing during that period. It is essential to undergo that. With available options of so many service centers, you can take your vehicle to any garage where you feel you will be served the best.

And while looking for the servicing you definitely would want the best competitive quote from the best service providers.

Oil change:

This is the most basic type of service. The oil and oil filter is changed and a visual inspection of the vehicle is undertaken. Although often the other checking services like brakes etc is avoided in it.

Inspection and quotation:

A service where your car is completely inspected and in the end you are provided with a quotation that helps you to determine what all you need while going through the servicing and exactly how much will your pocket be burdened.

Basic service:

With oil, filter and few additional safety checks, this service provides more options and a bit more repairs and checkups. Such as:

  • Lights; headlamps, indicators and hazard lamps
  • Horn
  • Wipers
  • Brakes; including servicing of the hardware and connecting
  • Fluid levels; for breaks, washer and antifreeze and transmission fluid.
  • Steering, clutch and tyres.
  • The exhaust and checking for any leaks.

Full Service:

As you’d expect, a full service is just that. It includes everything within the interim service in addition  to:

  • Pollen filter and air conditioning checks/replacements.
  • A top up of brake fluid and antifreeze.
  • A more thorough checks of the brakes, engine, shock absorbers and wheel bearings.

It covers everything other than the replacement of parts outlined in your servicing schedule, such as spark plugs, fuel filters etc; these can be changed at the same time, but are usually a chargeable extra. User should definitely inquire about the cost of all the extras before allowing the service providers to replace them.

When my car needs servicing?

The beauty of this arrangement is twofold: once you’ve submitted the work in one quick job post, you need do no more. Service providers will quote for your work, offering specifics such as price, time, location and if you’ve asked for a courtesy car or other perks, they will be included. You then can choose the right quote for you. If that’s the cheapest, so be it. If it’s the quickest, so be it. The choice is yours.

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