This Mother’s Day, Say it With Flowers

Mother’s DayFor making your mother feel special, flowers are considered the best gift option. They not only symbolize life, but also beauty, and manage to bring that million dollar smile you want to see on your mother’s face. In fact, you will hardly find anyone in your life who doesn’t love flowers. This is what makes flowers the best gift option for mother’s day. You can give your mother either a bouquet of multiple flowers or even go with a simple bunch of flowers she is fond of. Flowers can be given as the main gift item or as a complimentary gift.

Different Types of Flower Colors and their Significance

When selecting flowers, you need to remember that your mother will feel special with any flower you give her, but it is reasonable to go ahead with flowers that she likes the most. This will make her feel even more special. If you are stressed out about what color signifies what, this article serving as a flower gifting guide is a must-read for you.

# Red flowers – Besides romance and passion, red flowers are also known for representing congratulations and courage.

# White flowers – They stand for integrity, sympathy, eternal love and loyalty.

# Orange flowers – Cheerfulness and fun are what orange flowers stand for. You can also gift your loved ones orange flowers to wish them luck or say thank you.

# Green flowers – They signify prosperity, success and good health.

# Pink flowers – They show appreciation, care and also signify happiness and harmony.

# Purple flowers – They are the best for showing your enchantment, admiration and seeking forgiveness.

# Yellow flowers – The color yellow stands for new beginnings, happiness, as well as, friendship.

Combination of Flowers

When two different colored flowers are combined together, they convey different meanings.

# White and Red flowers – For showing unity, teamwork and love, they make the perfect combination.

# White and Purple flowers – This combination of flowers stand for conveying an apology.

# Orange and Yellow flowers – This combination stands for the purest form of friendship.

# Yellow and Green flowers – This combination symbolize success.

# White and Pink flowers – This combination is used for conveying harmony.

# Red and Orange flowers – They can be used together for saying thank you.

# Pink and Purple flowers – They stand for hope and admiration.

Apart from all these above-mentioned combinations, you can go ahead with gifting your mother a bunch of multiple flowers, but ensure that the bunch is nicely decorated. Compliment the gift with a mother’s day card or a cake.

When you are buying flowers for your mother, go forward with the best florist in your locality. This will help you to finish off the deal without moving out of your budget and at the same time, restoring to your choices.

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