Metamorphosis of Indian Desserts

Desserts onlineI come from a family of people who love their sweets. The joke in our family is that we don’t have sweet tooth, we have sweet dentures. That’s how much we love our sweets. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are formal occasions for sweets. Snack time and in between meals are casual occasions for sweets! Well, jokes aside, there is really no reason to eat something sweet in our family. We are one sweet mad family.

Desserts of all sizes, shapes and flavors adorn our pantry. We do not discriminate between Indian desserts or the firang ones. Sweet, tasty and delectable makes it to our list. You can imagine our plight if we were to land in a foreign country devoid of sweets. Thankfully, it is not a task to buy desserts online anywhere in the world today. My grandfather, a businessman by choice, travelled the whole wide world (he calls its WWW) on work. His only request to my grandmother every time would be pack a dabba of laddus. His reason would be to remember homeland, but we all know that it was the simple craving for something sweet.

Unlike his times, people can get Indian food online now. No matter, where a person is in this huge WWW  (in my grandfather’s language), it is not so difficult to order a gajarkahalwa or besanladdu along with lava cake in a jar or Irish coffee pastry. Indian food online is incomplete without a dedicated section for desserts online. Just like my family, India as a country has millions and trillions of families who love sweets. Naturally, this love has passed down to generations of progeny who might have migrated to different parts of the globe. In my personal opinion, buying desserts online is a big blessing for both India based progeny and the global ones. Lifestyle choices have hardly left the time for anyone to go the extra mile to make desserts at home regularly.

India as a land is home to some thousands of sweets and desserts. The variety is worthy of a Britannica Encyclopedia dedicated only to Indian sweets. I am told by a well read relative of mine that just Southern India is home to 15k sweets. That is just 5 states. Imagine the extent of sweet penetration across all the states of India. Mind boggling!! It is a simple sweet extravaganza or a desserts galaxy that we have in India. Indian food online is probably touching like a teeny tiny percentage of this galaxy. There is so much more that can get online.

Global liking and following of Indian sweets has lead to some really interesting innovations – Gulabjamun parfait or rabri cake or even chikki sauce. These are not your everyday items and will raise some eyebrows for sure. But the ones who indulge in them vouch by their original taste and culmination of western tastes through exceptional cooking methods. Ability to buy customized desserts online has also given a lot of encouragement to such sweet experimentation.

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