Men’s shoe fashion tips

shoe fashionShoes are the main style in a stylish attire. This is the main attraction that will reflect your personality. The shoe makes your dress more attractive and makes you look stunning. Girls have many kinds of shoes and they know how to handle them with fashion. But for men sometimes it becomes confusing and they do blunder. So to help them I will talk about men’s shoe fashion tips as well as the best shoe cleaner guide. Guys don’t miss a word, really it will help you a lot.

Tips for men shoe:

  • While wearing shoes do remember to wear dark color than your pant. Also, take dark color shoe than your suit. This little trick will give you a smart look in any outfits. Match your belt and sock with the color of your shoes.
  • Pick traditional classic shoe if you are confused with an expensive brand shoe.
  • Loafers, brown oxford and wingtips are the perfect shoe for every style. Boots can also be considered as style.
  • Styling means wear something that is comfortable. You can’t show your style with tight shoes in your feet.
  • Try to wear brand shoe. It is better for your look and comfort. Spend money in shoes than clothes.
  • If you are comfortable with sandal than you can wear it. But do not dare to wear socks with it.
  • Change sandal each summer time. There is some flip flop that looks stylish and very comfortable to wear.
  • Don’t wear suits with a cowboy boot. You will look funny.
  • Look for perfect workout shoes. Make sure they are comfortable.

Matching Shoes with Cloth:

You have to wear perfect shoes with a perfect cloth. This is little tricky but you have to follow it for looking good.

Here are some tips to wear what shoe with what cloth:

  • Jeans: You can wear anything like color, style with jeans.  But don’t go for the shiny shoe with jeans. It doesn’t fit at all. Sandal, loafers, sneakers, and boots are best with jeans. With sneakers you can wear a t-shirt, downs with the long button are better with sandal, polo shirt looks well with a loafer.
  • Casual pant: The casual pant like chino or khakis are ok with any shoe style. Oxford and loafer are perfect for this kind of pants. With black, grey and the navy color matches well with black shoes. Green, brown, tan color works well with the brown shoe. Tan color shoe looks good with white, blue, and beige.
  • Dress pant: If you wear dress pant than wear same color suit and shoe.

See how you have to be careful with your shoes. If you don’t follow the proper color shoes with your dress, you may look like the joker. So you have to know the men’s shoe fashion tips well and follow them properly. This tips is awesome and helps a lot to look smart and cool. Shoes are really important, you have to admit it. You can’t ignore the importance of cleaning shoe. It really works with your look and style. So pick color and stylish shoe smartly and get a nice and handsome look.

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