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DFB laserIn today’s date, the use of adjustable semiconductor laser has increased a lot especially in optical sensor industry. Laser is used when there is need of monitoring and measurements have to be done quickly. These lasers are highly used in diode absorption spectroscopy.Although, different type of laser technology is available but DFB laser technology is very common which stands for distributed feedback laser. This is a strong technology and technique which is used in many application. It is a laser which consists of periodic structure and acts as distributed reflectors. This periodic structure is made with phase shift in middle. This structure is even combination of two brags within grating.

Know more about DFB laser

Most of the distributed feedback laser is either semiconductor laser or fiber laser that operate on single resonator mode that is single frequency operation. In case of fiber laser, distributed frequency occur in fiber Bragg grating and has length of few centimeters or millimeters. If you want to achieve efficient pump absorption then it is only possible with high doping concentration of fiber. Overall, this kind of DFB laser is simple and compact. Its robustness and compactness has to be low in terms of phase noise and intensity.

On other side, semiconductor DFB laser can built with integrated grating structure. The structure can be produced on top of active region which sometime require lot of time for its regrowth. But, in order to save time there is an alternative that is by making couple of structure that can be in both side of active region. They are even available in different wavelengths for emission. Their length is usually few hundred MHz and wavelength is of several nanometers. Check out more about it here.

Different industries where DFB laser is used

There are many uses of DFB laser and even knowing about this, uses are expanding a lot. Here is the list of some common industries where it is used widely:

  • Health
  • Space
  • Environment
  • Defense
  • Automotive
  • Oil and gas
  • Process optimization
  • Safety

Use of DFB laser for fire detection

Normal fire detector that isused is of point type and thus not so useful for buildingwith large ceilings and walls. So, to provide immediate help beam detectors were used that can easily transfer light beam whenever it is necessary. But, after sometime problems canstart persisting such as dust, dirt and fog. In such situation, DFB lasers can provide number of benefits as they will provide accurate measure of fire gas contents. In fact, this is a well organized and great system that can ease work and even check the right concentration of gas in ago or with single measurement. Distributed feedback lasers are capable of differentiating between wood and coal fire. Therefore, all these things make this system safe, secure, reliable, stable and durable.


Many reputable companies are there which hold expertise in manufacturing of distributed feedback laser technology and Nanoplus | Welcome is one of them. Along with DFB lasers, many other products are there in which this German company is specialized.

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