Huawei p8 lite 2017 Reviews Italia

Huawei premium line of “P” phones gets a new number every year, we are now at Huawei p10, The Huawei P8 Lite 2017 keeps its name instead of being an entirely new phone in the low price.


The World is a big fan of the P8 Lite’s shape. It has a smooth, curved composition that is not basically different to the more expensive Samsung Galaxy S8. Its 5.2-inch design is comfortable to hold, and it seems very attractive. Turn over the device to see the complete glass back, which is very Google Pixel.

There is not any capacitive button on the front, but you still get a fingerprint reader in Huawei’s  rear position. Whether you prefer this will be down to how you use your phone, personally I know that most of the people favor a front-facing fingerprint, especially when there are no screen-off gestures to enable you to check notifications without pressing the standby button. Some people like the presence of scanner on the back side as it naturally where their index finger rests exactly on the phone when holding up the phone.

On the front, the phone is uncomplicated. A Huawei logo sits on the bottom portion of the bezel, while the left and right sides of the bezel are nice and thin, further assisting this phone’s svelte design. At the top, there’s the front-facing camera, earpiece and LED notification light, which is always welcome.


The P8 Lite has an outstanding screen for the money, having a 5.2-inch Full High Definition display with IPS technology. Colours look very fine. The display in P8 lite 2017 is just amazing. The phone has the brightest screen you have ever seen in the market which means it is readable even in the sunniest condition.

Huawei P8 Lite Prezzo

With all the perfections and beautiful features, you may have an idea that its price is just a great. You will find it at different prices in online shops. Its prices range starts from €200 to €250 online, but if you want to buy it full discount offer then is the best option. They also provide free shipping.

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