How many styles of wrestling are there?

Style of wrestling

Wrestling is a game completely different from other games. It is a one kind of physical exercise. Wrestling game has come from ancient times. Wrestling’s scoring systems are different from other games. The biggest reasons are that, it is not like playing games. Wrestling play is basically understood by watching television. For wrestling shoes check the link.

There are several styles of wrestling, but very few games were shown in the Olympic Games.  Lots of them are shown in the Olympic and the Greco roman and free style wrestling.

The game that are usually seen in the wrestling games are given in the below-

Folk style:

Folk style wrestling game is a traditional style game.  It is first practice in American high school and colleges. It is different from other style such as free style and Greco-roman style. It is one kind of scoring system wrestling game. If you want to play this game then you have to know get scoring system. If a wrestler holds 4degree or less for 5 second, then he or she will earn three points. The wrestling game is won by defeating the opponent itself. Again, if is kept in 45 degree, it can be secured for two seconds, then it can be achieved two points. If both are in control then it is possible to achieve 1 point as it is escape. A wrestler will try to keep you down but you will try to get out of there. It is not used in international competition. Folk style teaches the wrestler how to control your body and fail to opponent.

Free style:

Free style wrestling means the opponent attacks all the body. It is one kind of wrestling technique that performed at Olympic game. It has fewer restrictions than other free style wrestling techniques at international level. This techniques teach how to using legs and suppress an opponent. If the opponent fails then he cannot achieve any point. It is start on the Great Britain and United state.


This is a kind of registered one that is practice in the whole world. Greco-Roman is the oldest wrestling style and very popular in the world. The rules of this game are to throw the opponent back and forth. If you earn the score, you will win the game. In this game no one can hit the legs. Two wrestlers took part in the game, but one of them was deported that easily fall. It was the first to participate in the Olympic Games in 1896. According to world wrestling, Greco-Roman wrestling is a competition of six forms of internationally recognized.

Judo wrestling:

It is position of back control or submission. Judo meaning soft sports which centralize throwing your opponent off his feet and into a position of back control. It consists of five-minute period, both wrestler starting on their feet. If one wrestler taken down or thrown, another wrestler tries to see a pin can be achieved.  This game require wrestler wear to white pants and jacket but not shoes, blows are not allow.

Samba wrestling:

Samba is a style in Russian which combines stronger. Combines stronger aspects of judo, free style, and Greco- roman. A jacket including shoes in competition. It’s like judo wrestling and to attack of opponent feet and retain self in position. It has back points can be scored only one.

There are no pins and back points. A total victory throw can be recorded. Every person completes in separate classes. It is learning how to get out of holds. It is not like to judo and other traditional wrestling but it has continuously put into submission holds. Learning the samba how to hold by rolling up, standing up, fighting stands and moving prior to the hold and also known to apply serves very well when in other style.

Sumo wrestling:

A sumo wrestler need to an excess weight of 3000 pounds. It is normally very big. The name of stables which sumo wrestler train at school. It is the home where sumo wrestler stays. The wrestler diet is known as-, a calorie, fish, meat, and vegetables. To develop there immense size, they eat large quantities of food.

Catch wrestling

They win the game that the hold as pinning. The game originated in rural England and called as catch and catch wrestling. The game with traveling shows and the name of carnival wrestling accept change for money. The bouts are unregulated and holds are not allowed. The rural area of England such as-Lancashire, and Cambria that the practice area of some rural location. By the modern mixed martial artist adapted this techniques.

Professional wrestling:

There are some professional wrestlers such as the Rock, Stone cold Steve Austin and Triple H. Some wrestler are affected serious Injuries because the wrestling are skillful, energetic, and touch. It is small error technique and this result in a high degree of audience participation. Even then it is the most well known form of wrestling.

Shoot wrestling:

Shoot wrestling was one kind of martial art. New Japan arrange shoot wrestling practice that provide wrestling technique. Many kind of Japanese fighter are participate that practice. It’s one kind of Gym like cycling.

Catch wrestling:

It is a European style wrestling. It‘s seen grappling carnival across. There are several catch wrestlers that playing catches wrestling. The catch wrestler is Frank Grouch that most famous.


As a result of wrestling, it determines strength, stamina and health. The wrestler should be retaining fitness. The science of wrestling is interested and as the pride of the common man. If the regular practice, the strength of muscle tone and keep the body fit. The wrestling famous all the worlds. I watch the Olympic style of wrestling. This wrestling is highly bear cost. There some different style and need to know different rules of wrestling. Every wrestler should know wrestling rules and regulations. It should be maintain that there body fitness and regular physical exercise. A wrestling game need to some equipment. The most important equipment is garment it’s made of spandex.

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