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If you’re living in a two-bedroom home with your family, working from home seems practically impossible. While most young entrepreneurs are willing to sacrifice comfort in favor of practicality, a small, dark, unappealing space can actually do more harm than good to your business.

And let’s not talk about what it can do to your psyche.

Although you’re working on a tight budget, you still have to invest some money into your home office. If you want to consult a professional and talk about the potential look of your home office, simply head over to the Officeprinciples website and get in touch with one of their experts.

Investing in a home office is actually a business investment. Now, here are some home office design ideas that will help you be as productive as possible.

Plan the Space Carefully

First thing’s first, you have to pick the room carefully. If you don’t have too much option, take a look what you’re working with and start devising your plan carefully. If you’re a manufacturer, your office also functions as a production space, so you may need some additional space.

You should consider alternative spaces around your house, like your basement, garage or even your backyard shed. If you have a guest room in your home, you should take it, add a pull-out couch to save some space and turn it into a multi-functional room.

Storage Space is Crucial

Storage is also a crucial part of your office – unless you operate solely on a dropshipping business model, that is. But chances are, you’ll need to make some room for shipping and product materials. There’s a number of ways to approach this problem

  • Using tall, modular shelves
  • Buying furnishing that also acts as storage
  • Having a closet area for separate storage
  • Renting a storage unit outside of your home

Invest In Ergonomic Furniture

Your home office mirrors what is happing inside you according to Feng Shui. This may sound cliché as hell but scientists have discovered that poor working conditions can harm your health. And since you’re sitting for the majority of your day, you need to spend some additional money on a good chair.

Ergonomic office chairs will help you keep your back in the right position, but you still have to remind yourself to sit straight from time to time. Adjust your seat in the optimal position – your feet should be flat, elbows at ninety degrees and back completely straight.

Add Some Greenery

Of course, you should surround yourself with things that keep you motivated – pictures of your family, your favorite quotes, etc. – however, surrounding yourself with some plants will also have a big impact on your overall productivity.

Recent studies have shown that “green condition” can actually improve cognitive performance, and positively impact information usage. Just make sure that your office space has proper ventilation and don’t forget to water your plants on a regular occasion.

Final Thoughts

A thoughtfully designed space will increase your productivity and do wonders for your mood. A happy worker is a productive worker after all. So take a chunk of your monthly budget and invest it in your home office – trust us – your bottom line will be thankful.

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