Here’s the top daily life app!

If you are looking to know which are the best news providing apps required for your daily use then you are at the right place. As today we will be telling you about the best and top apps that you can use in your daily life.



News app

This is the best and trending app of 2018. The app provides all the latest updated news in your desired language. It also has its own website where you can read the news. Even if you haven’t read a newspaper or watched the news all u has to do is just have a glance at this app. So this is a must try the app. We would highly recommend it as it’s the best short news app we have used so far.

This app gathers news from all the possible sources such as net TV news and more. Then it assembles all the news in the app thus providing us very good service for free.


Feedly is our pick of the bunch. The free version offers enough functionality for most users. You just add a load of publications that you’re interested in, which you can group by topic, and you’re off.

Feedly offers suggestions for publications you might like, which you can browse, add and remove as you see fit. There’s also a popularity algorithm that marks stories as hot, which is useful if you’re in a hurry. Unfortunately, it doesn’t currently offer a way to filter by popularity, but there’s an add-on called Shortly that adds this functionality and is highly recommended.


Pocket saves articles in a neatly trimmed reader view, removing all the headers, backgrounds and ads from websites. It also has an option to archive articles that you particularly like, so you can easily refer back to them at a later date.


smart new app

Designed for a quick overview of the most popular articles on the web, Smart News offers a clean and precise interface that short stories under general headings – top, entertain, world, biz, tech, science. Customization is somewhat limited, but you can create new channels from a pre-set selection of news sources.

If you’re not looking for anything too specific, then Smart News is a great way to get a hit of trending news on demand. Its Smart view also offers an effective reader mode, cutting stories down to a text-only view.


Circa News keeps it brief, making it the perfect app to stay on top of the news on the go. Circa’s editorial team artfully reports the latest news stories, focusing on just the facts so you’re quickly caught up. If you’re on the go, you can read articles offline, too, and if you’ve been following a particular story, you can choose to be updated if it develops further.

6) CBS NEWS: –

When you first launch the app, you get a mixed view of latest trending stories all over the world. You can choose from a wide range of News bulletins. CBS’ Money Watch is also clubbed in the app itself where you get the latest info on the markets and businesses. Also, you have 24×7 access to several CBSN news channel shows and other live shows. All in all, this is a pretty neat app if you like to keep your head up for world news.

7) NBC NEWS: –

Last but not the least, NBC News has a lot to offers as an authentic News source for Windows enthusiasts. With the default section of Top Stories, you get the most breaking news on the edge. You can also view the episodes of several news bulletins from NBC News channel. Apart from this, you can add various other news sources to your main page in order to have quick look. With a subtle look, the app has its own taste to offer.

So guys today we told you about the top 10 news apps for your daily use. I recommend you to try all apps. But I highly recommend you try Awesummly app because of its efficiency of providing news. From all the apps above Awesummly has made a remarkable progress in news app history. It became famous and viral since the day it was released.

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