A Good WordPress Website Design Isn’t Just a Design

Wordpress Website Design A decent looking website with beautiful colours is the first picture comes to your mind when you hear the term WordPress Website Design. It’s good that you imagine a website you like to see. But what if you see the website you imagine and it fails to perform the same way as it looks? In other words, a WordPress website design is more than just fancy colors, trending text styles and stunning graphics.

Even today, there are many web designers who are not familiar with the impact of a WordPress website design on marketing. They are the best at what they do, but when it comes to collaborating with other departments of a web development company for making a website from the internet marketing and communication perspective, they play loose there.

This content piece is generated so that the uninitiated designers can get familiar with the importance of web design in digital marketing.

How does Internet Marketing get affected by Web Design?

Web designers spend a lot of time and effort in designing a website. Once it gets to the SEO and marketing department, the designers sometimes have to make major changes in the design to make it compatible with SEO and better market the business. If the three departments collaborate at the beginning of the designing process, the later issues could be avoided.

Below are prime areas of marketing on which the web design leaves an impact


A well-designed website not only initiates a strong visual connection between the brand and the visitors but also delivers an excellent brand experience. Following are the designing elements to consider while focusing on branding through the website.

Logo: It’s a business identity in the real and digital world. The position, size, and design of the logo determine how people notice your brand.

Tagline: It’s what makes what people think about your business. Font style plays a vital role here.

Search Engine Optimization

WordPress Website Design and SEO are soul mates. Both cannot survive without each other. A good website design fails because of bad SEO and a good SEO strategy fails because of bad website design. Key elements to focus on designing while considering the SEO;

Responsive Design: Making a website device-friendly as per Google guidelines. It must not be ignored at any cost.

Page Load Time: Need for Speed! Because slow loading web pages are often ignored by the visitors and they don’t visit the website again. So, design-wise the page must not be heavy. Image size should be cut down to decrease page load time.

Conversion Rate: A good lead generate can suggest WordPress website design elements that are a must on a website to increase the conversion rate. A website must be trustworthy and visitors must feel comfortable in sharing their personal information by filling a form on the website.

Navigation: Your website must not challenge the visitors to find service options, contact information, and other web pages. A well-thought navigation makes it easy for the visitors to find what the visitors are looking for.

PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising

Those who are spending on paid advertisements really look forward to a good ROI. Having a good ad copy and decent is one aspect. The landing page the user sees after clicking the ad is another aspect. The landing page is designed in a way to persuade the visitor to click on the CTA button. And, it’s not a one time job. Landing page elements are tested on a regular basis to check their performance. The elements that are testing are

CTA Button: The place, size, text, and color of the CTA button

Page Title: The size, Font, and length

Header & Footer: These give a strong boundary to the landing page

So, now you know that WordPress website designing isn’t just designing. It’s more than that. Next time you contact a Web Development Company for the designing work, make sure they collaborate with the marketing department for minor details.

About Author:

Natasha Golinsky is attached with On Purpose Projects, a web development company that is known for bringing a benchmark approach to WordPress Website Design for clients.

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