Give Yourself A Boost With Top 7 Essential Oils For Energy

specific essential oils for energy It is a high chance that you are looking for an ideal method to cope with your over tiredness while reading this article. I am certain that pieces of advice you get the most are about the aromatherapy, namely using specific essential oils for energy to lift yourself up.

Why does your body suddenly become like a dead battery?

One morning, you awaken but still cannot manage to get yourself up. You sit a whole day but unable to concentrate on finishing your work. Everybody must be familiar with the feeling of exhaustion, especially when the fast-paced life is putting us under a much larger amount of pressure than in the past. Here are some possible reasons for your fatigue. Sometimes, just make a list of problems may give you a glimpse of the answers.

  • External factors: Challenging circumstances are inevitable in our lives, and they affect us deeply. The problems might be the social-economic factors such as work, finances, and relationships, etc. They could also be the stressful environment around us: natural disasters, pollutions, congestions, etc.
  • Internal factors: your weariness is the result from an actual imbalance in your body, both physically and mentally. There might be an underlying condition causing this imbalance. For example, there are sleep disturbances, inadequate nutrition, in turn causing anemia, and depression/anxiety disorders.

How can we deal with fatigue?

Relaxation is the best solution when you are nerve-racked. Fortunately, aromatherapy is the method that everyone loves because it is simple and available right at home.

Natural essential oils have many special uses, notably stress relief and relaxation. But not all essential oils are effective at reducing stress. Here are the best essential oils for energy relieving that I want to share with you.

Top 7 essential oils for energy

1) Lavender essential oils:

Lavender is considered as a queen in the world of essential oils for its versatility and high compatibility. Lavender oil is very handy in reducing stress and improving sleep deprivation. It has a calm effect to the mind, which makes your body relaxed and much more comfortable.

2) Rosemary essential oils:

Rosemary is a one of the most prominent essential oils for energy because it supports memory and alertness, so it is popular among students and collar workers. It is also used for pain relief and muscle tension.

Use the rosemary as a massage oil or bath oil to increase blood circulation, relieve muscle pain, and rheumatic pains. Rosemary is also a stimulant with the nervous system and helps to increase energy. Rosemary essential oils are also good for the hair, support the hair to recover, grow, prevent falling and are not dry, cracked or hard.

3) Jasmine essential oil:

The feminine scent with sweetness and purity of the jasmine helps you sleep well and undisturbed. Jasmine essential oil is used to alleviate pain and irregular psychological pre-menstrual period as well as stress in work. Jasmine is also known to relieve symptoms of a common cold.

4) Peppermint essential oil:

When you feel tired, remember mint essential oil. Peppermint is not only one of the best essential oils for energy but also a perfect relaxant.

A little peppermint oil will make you awake. Because peppermint oil contains nearly one-third of the methanol that gives the user a fresh feeling, stimulates alertness, strengthens and helps clear the sense of smell.

Besides, peppermint also soothes the anger, contributes to balance the regulation of the nervous regulation in the human body. Therefore, peppermint oil is extraordinary in relieving stress, fatigue, and rejuvenating the body.

5) Rose essential oil:

It is the first-line essential oil to stimulate passion and romance, which helps you combat with depression. Rose oil contains anti-microbial, anti-viral and anti-viral components. It also helps to balance female hormones. Massage oil from rose essential oil supports many symptoms in women, such as dysmenorrhea(menstrual cramps), premenstrual symptoms and agitation during the menstrual period. Inhalation of rose essential oil and using for massage are thought to help reverse the depression and improve your indifference.

6) Orange essential oil:

Orange essential oil, like many other oils in the citrus group,  keeps your room airy with a light sweet scent. The pleasant ambiance will calm your mind and help you find the inner peace. All fatigue at work will be gone in no time, which brings great vitality to the muscles and your body. Therefore, oranges are considered the invigorating essential oils for energy.

7) Basil essential oil:

Basil oil is bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, reduce spasm in the blood vessels and protect the body against the attack of the toxic environment. Therefore, when you feel under a lot of pressure, rub a few drops of basil oil on both sides of the temples using your thumb and forefinger. After that, close the eyes and lie relaxed for a few minutes, your wariness will quickly disappear. Also, you can also put a few drops of basil essential oil into a pot of boiling water for bathing. This method helps you relax very well.

How many ways are there can we use the essential oils?

Truthfully, there are abundant and creative uses for each type of essential oils, in which you can choose the technique suits you most.

1) Inhale the scent of essential oils.

2) Using the diffuser to let small particles of oils reach into your body.

3) Massage with essential oils, please remember to dilute your oil thoroughly before using. You should also do a patch test on your forearm to see if you are allergic to essential oils.

4) Bathing or steaming: add a few drops of oil into the bathtub and immerse yourself in comfortable water.


With the help these seven essential oils for energy, I can be certain that you will no longer worry about the abrupt of daily work because of exertion. However, it is not good to be driven around the bend all the time, a balance management between aspects of life is the key to a healthy lifestyle.

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