FRANCE France, the most romantic country in the world, has been enchanting its visitors with its beauty and culture. From breathtaking landscapes, fairytale castles, sophisticated people and impressive cuisine, France is a place which has everything. World famous, iconic sites like the Eifel Tower in Paris or Louvre Museum bring thousands of travellers every year to this country. However, France is not all about these famous sites which are popular all over. There is a whole other side of France, away from the hordes of tourists, which remains much less explored by the average run-off-the-mill travellers. So if you want to explore this magnificent country in a different way, then just rent one of the luxury homes in France and visit these four not-so-obvious places. You can be sure that you will have some slightly different stories to tell about your French vacation.

Abbaye du Mont Saint Michel

Abbaye du Mont Saint Michel

Sitting on the top of a rocky tidal island, the Abbaye du Mont Saint Michel was one of the first places which got listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These majestic rises encompass a brilliant amalgamation of forces of nature and medieval architecture. The legendary site served as a heroic resistance to English attacks during the Hundred Years’ War. Set inthe pristine setting of a water bay, the picturesque village surrounded by the fortified walls will remind you of the middle ages. You can also experience an array of natural performances if you visit the place during the spring tides, which you will not be able to see anywhere else in the Europe.

Carcassonne Medieval City

Carcassonne Medieval City

This is another place where you will be able to experience the historic nature of France. To be exact, there are two parts of Carcassonne, one which is the famous walled city, and other is the offshoot adjacent town located at its foot. The city is beautiful with its winding cobblestone streets, medieval architecture and small little squares full of excellent restaurants. A trip to this magical French city will surely take you back in time. It is one of the more popular places on this list, but it truly deserves much more fame than it gets.

Theatre Antique d’Orange

Theatre Antique d'Orange

Built way back in the early first century AD, the Theatre Antique d’Orange is one of the best preserved Roman Theatres in the whole world. This great Roman architecture is located in an inconspicuous little town named Orange, which doesn’t attract many tourists. But this is where you will find this majestic symbol of the ancient heritage of this region. The theatre is so well preserved, that you might even think that it’s a modern piece of architecture built in ancient Roman style. The theatre also serves as a venue for the annual opera festival, the Chorégiesd’Orange, during the summer.

The Champagne Route:

The Champagne Route

The choice of sparkling wine for any ceremonial occasion, Champagne has been widely appreciated and loved throughout the entire world. This particular sparkling wine gets its name from the French region it is produced in, the Champagne region. So if you are a Champagne lover, then a trip to the birthplace of this widely loved fuzzy beverage is a must for you. The region as much more to offer than its world-famous wine though. Its place of tranquil beauty, and a fine, historic heritage. Drive through the small little wine-producing towns, take a tour through the vineyards and have a candlelight dinner at a wine cellar. A trip to this region will be a French experience like no other.

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