Five Essentials for your Man Cave

So you decided to outfit your very own man cave.  Maybe you have a spare room in your house that you don’t have a purpose for except as an extra storage room, or maybe you’ve taken steps to carve out your very own space.  Whatever the reason, now you’re looking for the essentials to decorate and equip your space so it’s the ultimate hangout for yourself and your buddies.  Whether you’re looking for a place for quiet reflection or a place to escape into the world of sports, movies, or video games, here are five must-have items for your man cave. 

A Theme

This first component is purposely vague to give you some flexibility to pursue your own interests.  Not a specific item per se, the theme is what will “tie the room together,” in the immortal words of Jeffrey Lebowski.  You might be into sports, in which case, your man cave will likely sport the memorabilia and paraphernalia of your favorite teams.  Maybe you want to go with a more general theme, like a western ranch or a fantasy tavern, or maybe you’re more specific with a particular film or television series, book, or even a person.  Whatever your theme, scour the web and local stores for the perfect piece of decor to accent a piece of furniture or a wall in your space.

A High-Def TV

You don’t need the latest model of television; that would get expensive.  However, any self-respecting man should try to have at least within the last couple of generations of television technology upgrades.  Right now, that would likely mean a 4K UHD television.  Playing the latest video games, watching sporting events, or getting an authentic in-home movie experience; all these are enhanced with a stunning picture. 

Drinking Paraphernalia

Let’s admit it; the classic man cave definitely has an eye towards drinking.  Whether it’s just a couple of pieces of wall decor or if you go full-out and put in a bar, your man cave is a place where you can pour out a glass of your favorite beverage, put your feet up, and relax. Can you really call yourself a man if your man cave doesn’t afford you the ability to have a glass of whiskey (or scotch or bourbon or whatever you like to drink).  Bonus points if you have some wall art for your favorite brand!

A Video Game System

You don’t need to go out and buy the latest and greatest video game console.  That could get expensive quickly.  However, your man cave should have something where you can unwind and escape a little into a virtual world.  Even if you don’t particularly like video games, having a system with a few of your favorite games on hand is nice in case you randomly get the itch sometime. 

A Nice Couch

Let’s face it; especially if you’re married, the odds of sleeping on a piece of furniture at least once in your life are pretty high.  You might as well have a fantastic couch to retreat to.  Your man cave has to have great seating; not only for the inevitable “sleep on the couch” night, but for any sort of gatherings or hangouts you might host, as well as for yourself.  Do you really want to be sitting on a ratty old chair in the midst of the rest of your gloriously outfitted man cave?  Maybe this should have been higher on the list, but you can look at it as saving the best for last.  Nice seating is an essential for your man cave.

Of course, there are plenty of other essentials for your in-home escape.  Maybe you host poker night, in which case a card table is critical.  A dart board on the wall is always a nice bonus for some idle dart throwing while you enjoy an adult beverage or chat.  What good is an HDTV without an outstanding sound system?  Make your man cave your own, but hopefully this list gave you some inspiration if you’re looking for the critical components of your man cave. 

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