Essential Tips Every Blogging Newbie Must Know

Social media is ever stretching its limits to cater for the needs of all people. With a recent study showing that social media has over 7.3 billion users and 1 million new users joining every day, joining the various social media platforms is a must. The blogging arena seems to resemble a social network site created for writers to interact with their readers. Through the various blogging platforms, individuals and brands have found ways of sharing content with their audience.

Do you have ideas for content for your blog? Have you decided that your blog will be hosted on WordPress? You could then be wondering how to go about the process of creating a blog. Simply relax and use this simple guide for creating a WordPress blog:

Setting up

The fact that you have decided to use WordPress shows that you have done some research and found it to be the most popular blogging platform out there. You can never go wrong with such a decision. Just like any other social network, all you only need is an e-mail address to join WordPress. Visit the domain and sign up for an account then click on the link to download WordPress. Once this is done, you should go ahead and install this programme on your laptop. Once you have selected to install WordPress, a screen will pop up prompting you to choose your domain name. Choose a simple, memorable and catchy domain.

Customizing your blog

Once logged in, you need to improve your blog to have a unique appearance that gives essence to your content. Go to the WordPress dashboard and select ‘Appearance’ then ‘Themes’ to change the outlay of your blog. Click on the ‘Add new’ button and select one of the many available free themes on this section then proceed to install and activate it. You can always change the theme by following this procedure. Remember to choose a theme that is simple, attractive and that complements your content.


To further customize your WordPress blog, you need to add some essential plugins that add elements such as contact form, galleries and information about the page. Go to the plugins section on the dashboard and search for your plugin of interest from the existing directory then proceed to install the plugin. You can always find out online the best plugins that are commonly used to have an improved layout for your blog.

Creating your first entry

On the WordPress dashboard, the first item at the top is ‘Posts’. Click on this item and proceed to the ‘add new’ section. Here, you will see a plain field editor section with a title section where you can write your content. Once you are done writing, click on the ‘publish’ button on the right to make your article public.


By now, you have finished creating your blog and sharing your first article. The task that now remains for you is to come up with more content to publish on a regular basis.

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