Difference Between BMX and Mountain Bikes

BMX and Mountain BikesYes, people get very much confused while selecting BMX and mountain bike. Because there is not much difference between BMX and Mountain bike. This two-bike is similar in build. You will know the difference when you are riding on them. The BMX bike is for a normal ride and Mountain bike is for long lasting and strong ride.

Let’s talk about Mountain bike and BMX bike:

BMX bike:

With a BMX bike, you can do tricks in Skate Park with the jumps. But if you are new with BMX ride than you have to go for a ride. The expert riders do a backflip in 360 degrees. This bike ride is fun when you ride in a group. Doing tricks with a BMX is fun.

You may think from where the idea of BMX ride has come. Well in 1970’s in California some young kids started some tricks with this bike. You will get six types MMX bike – flatland, dirt, park, street, freestyle, and race. This bike is very popular among young generation as it allows them to do different tricks. The first BMX bike is Schwinn Stingray.

In the BMX bike, you will find two bikes, rim, and disc brake. But there is a little problem with disc brake, it gets damaged while grind. So for BMX bike rim brake is preferable. This brake is long lasting and cheap in cost.

The BMX bike is a strong bike. The material of this bike is steel, as other racing bikes you will see is made from aluminum. The steel makes the bike strong and best for doing any trick.

There is no brake on the BMX bike and the tires are not grippy. As the grip of the tire is not strong, you don’t need one. The tracks of the BMX bike road is smooth. And the tires are hard as they are pumped up. This hard tire is preferable for BMX bike riders.

The BMX bike has seat, but this seat is not used so much. It is used when you are ready to jump or riding in a street.

Mountain bike:

The mountain bike is the bike that is for riding on the hill and rock. You will enjoy an adventure ride with this bike.

The first mountain bike was Monty bike. You will find this bike simple in design. It has changed so much in years. Nowadays the mountain bike is full of gear bike and is perfect for riding in the hill area. You can climb up to hill easily with a mountain bike.

The brakes of the mountain bike are not same as other bikes at all. Some riders make a break with a combination of rim and disc brake. Some like to keep two rims or two discs. So you can say the brakes of the mountain bike depends on the choice of the riders. This combination makes the brake little costly.

The mountain bike is made from a different material like carbon fiber, magnesium, titanium, and steel.

The mountain bike has brake and the tire is strong gripper. The cause of having brake is for doing tricks easily in the rock area. To ride or doing tricks on the rock surface needs a strong tire. For this, the tires are not pumped up. There are different kinds and types of tires on a mountain bike. You have to select it properly.

The mountain bike has no seat as this bike needs no seat.

The advantage and disadvantage of the BMX and mountain bike:

You have to know the pros and cons of both bikes that are the most popular among bike riders. It will help you to be alert for any upcoming events.

Pros of BMX bike:

  • With a BMX bike, the ride will be fun and adventurous. Thrashing around with this bike is most enjoyable.
  • The bike looks strong and heavy, but in reality, it is light and portable.
  • This bike is reasonable in price and you will get a good in the quality bike at a cheap price.
  • You don’t have to get the extra tension to fix the bike because there are no extra parts of the bike.
  • This bike ensures a smooth ride in tracks and rural area.

Cons of BMX bike:

  • As the bike has no paddle to ride so the ride is not a calm ride.
  • You can’t go up to a hill with this bike easily.
  • The ride with BMX bike is not same as the mountain bike.

Pros of Mountain bike:

  • With a Mountain bike, the ride is easy as there are gears.
  • A multipurpose bike that helps to enjoy the ride.
  • Allows you to show skill to go up to the hill.

Cons of BMX bike:

  • Very lavish bike to buy.
  • This bike is not for kids as it is not a comfortable and easy to ride bike.
  • A challenging and heavy bike ride.
  • Needs lots of fitting and care. Because this bike has lots of attachment.

I think this article about the difference between BMX and Mountain bike has enough information about this two bike that is mostly chosen by the riders. If you are new in bike ride then you have to know why you do need the bike, for a trick ride or for an adventure ride? After deciding the purpose, go for the choosing part. The best way is to take advice from an experienced rider and enjoy your bike rider to the fullest.

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