Compare the Cost of Insurance in Northern Ireland

Arranging car insurance quotes in Northern Ireland in theory should be no different than sorting out cover should you live in any other part of the UK.

The tough reality however, is that vehicle insurance policies in the Six Counties have for many years traditionally cost more than the same insurance in England, Wales, and Scotland.

While this is no doubt both frustrating and infuriating to drivers in Northern Ireland, there are actually a number of simple things you can do  to counter high premiums.

One of the most common and costly mistakes made by motorists seeking cover is to automatically renew with their current provider.

When you shop around you will immediately get a broader picture of the market and a true idea of the sort of price you should expect to pay for your insurance.

One of the more simple explanations andalso one of the most convincing is that there are less insurance companies in the market for business in Northern Ireland, simply meaning that there is less competition.

The Six Counties combined have a relatively young population. This is a contributing factor in cost since statistics will show that young drivers as a whole are considered higher risk motorists when it comes to insurance and, subsequently, they are the group that faces the highest premiums.

It is thought that the rising Northern Ireland car insurance quotes are having some of the same side-effects as those in the rest of the UK. These being an increase in the actual number of uninsured drivers that are on the road and also an increase in personal injury claims.

It seems thatunaffordable car insurance is not keeping some motorists from going out and getting behind the wheel. Should one of these drivers be involved in an accident, the claims pay-outs need to come out of a central pot that is paid into by all insurers.

The problem here is that as the number of law-abiding drivers diminishes, so too does the amount that is paid into the central pot, even though the number of drivers and accidents will remain pretty much the same.

The way that car insurance providers are tackling this is by hiking the premiums of those that do buy motor insurance in order to cover the gap. This of course creates a vicious cycle as more and more people are priced out of the market.

Also, as is the case in England, Wales, and Scotland, there has been an increase in the actual number of personal injury claims being made in Northern Ireland, which has forced the providers to up their premium prices to cover against the expensive pay-outs.

Much of Northern Ireland motoring is done on rural roads and single carriageways. It’s a fact that these types of roads often lead to high incidences of accidents and therefore claims.

It has also been suggested by many that the legal system in Northern Ireland legal is a bit more generous thanin other parts of the UK when it comes to compensation payments. This of course is something that can lead to higher costs for insurance companies.

While there isn’t an easy answer to this anomalous situation in the Northern Ireland car insurance market, drivers will do best if they remember to shop around for their cover. This will keep competition alive and challenge the insurers’ ability to make easy profits.

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