Clash of Clans for PC without Bluestacks Download Free

unnamedAs most of the android apps do not have a desktop version. So you need to use a third party emulator like Bluestacks to install apps and games on PC. Here is the method to download Clash of Clans for PC.

Clash of Clans is a free to play multiplayer strategy game. Players are given a piece of land to build their bases. They must protect it from other players and build an army to attack others’. It first came out in 2012 and it has since gone on to become the most popular free game in the world. Despite being free, players spend several million dollars a day on in-app purchases. Unlike most strategy games, you do not have a direct control of where unit moves and attacks. It simply has a preferred type of target. Resources are needed for buying troops and upgrading your base while trophies are used for successfully raiding other players’ bases or successfully defending yours.

Now a days, Andorid and iOS apps have become a very powerful element and so most people wish to install their favorite apps and games on their phones as well they look for ways to download and install them on PC. Installing apps and games on PC does not compromise battery neither does it swamp the device’s memory making it to work slow. So here, I have explained the method to download and install apps and games using Andy Android Emulator. Andy has a lot of free features as compared to Bluestacks and Youwave.

Note: If you do not want to use Andy to install apps, there is an alternative to Andy as well. You can use the popular emulator Bluestacks for this purpose. To download Clash of Clans for PC using Bluestacks see the link: Clash of Clans for PC using Bluestacks.

Download Clash of Clans for PC:

Here is the Step by Step tutorial to install Clash of Clans for PC using Andy Android Emulator.

First of all, you will have to download Andy. Download latest version of Andy from the Official Website

Once Andy has been downloaded, Install Andy on PC.

After Andy is installed, it will ask you to set up your account with Andy. Use you Google account to setup an account here.

Now, Open “Apps” in Andy and search for Clash of Clans using the search tool.

Install the game now. After the game has been installed, locate it and open the game.

Now, you are ready to play Clash of Clans for PC. Once you open the game, you have to select New Device to start the game on PC. You will have to start the game from the bottom. You also get the option to link old device. For that you will be sent a code on your old device that you need to enter on PC.

The controls are simple but, you will have to give yourself a little time to adjust to the new controls. You use the up and down keys to Zoom in and Zoom out. You move with the help of the mouse. The gameplay is just the same.

So this was the method to download and play Clash of Clans for PC using Andy Android Emulator. You can also download Clash of Clans for PC using Bluestacks Emulator.

Note: If for any reason, you are unable to properly install Andy, you can use Bluestacks to download the game. See the method to download Clash of Clans for PC using Bluestacks.

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