How to Choose Perfect Rocking Chair Cushions

After a busy workday all, we want to relax in a rocking chair which is very much rejuvenating, reconciling and help us to remove stress. There are several health benefits of the rocking chair also like increasing knee strength, blood circulation, flexibility but people always use it for comfy purposes. To get proper relaxation along with health benefits it must be equipped with a proper cushion which will be perfectly fit for our body. It must be fitted with size and style of the chair, durable, match with home décor, can be used in the indoor or outdoor setting.

Things to consider before choosing a perfectly comfortable cushion

Design and Style

Rocking chair cushions should be well designed and stylish to reflect your personality, taste as well as to increase your apartment’s beauty. Non-slip gripper technology is the latest modification adopted by most of the manufacturers. The non-slip gripper is widely used in baby rocking chairs. Perfect body shape measurement is always required before installing a cushion on your chair. You can get customized cushions with many fabrics from companies according to your body adjustment.

Color and Durability

Deep colors should be the usual choice for a rocking chair cushion. The reason is simple: your sweat and home dust will not affect the beauty of your cushion’s outlook and it is very difficult to wash or dry clean. Your apartment’s wall color, furniture is also a bigger factor to consider. Grey, blue, lather is a usual color choice. Durability is also a factor to think in mind. With a lot of manufacturers available in the market, hardly a very few offer proper durability for your product. And a common myth of rocking chair cushion is that it is less costly to buy a new one than to repair it from them. Must see the warranty and support in manufacturer’s brochure in details before purchasing it.

Fabrics and Fillings 

Cushion fabric is the ultimate criteria to consider and it reflects all other factors like design, durability, style, comfort everything. Manufacturers offer such fabrics for your cushions that may good for comfort but it lacks durability. For example, a polyester fabric may offer good comfort but it is very hard to clean and less durable than a cotton one. Considering all other aspects, cotton fabric is best for rocking chair cushions. Cotton will give you comfort even if you sit on it for a long time.

The filling inside a cushion is also as important as its fabrics. Generally, there are two types of filling: foam with cotton batting wrapped and polyester fiberfill. Cotton batting is easier to clean, maintain, durable and high in price. Polyester offers more comfort but is not easy to use for getting dirty easily and it is less costly.


The brand is also a factor you must go for. You might see the price in higher for a branded product but eventually, you will win. A good brand will ensure you proper fabrics along with its filling, color, durability and most of all comfort.  

Just follow the above guidelines, you will find the best one for you. Cheers

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