Big mistakes at lunch are responsible for you gaining weight

At the time of losing weight sometimes, we take into account some factors, and we forget about others. Whether to lower or maintain it, eating habits are key and when it comes to eating there are many things to keep in mind.

If you want to lose weight and you do not succeed, the cause could be some mistakes at lunch …

Do not control portions:

When it comes to wanting to lose weight, it is important to control the portions. Many times we do not realize that the key is not starvation or a strict diet, but to accustom the stomach to eat less.

Paying attention to the portions at lunch is very important and not doing so may end up generating an unwanted weight gain.

Do not include vegetables:

There is a variety of vegetables to include in your diet from carrots to browns, broccoli, corn, spinach or kale.

Vegetables are low in calories, have a high content of water and fiber and make you feel more satisfied without gaining weight.

Make sure your lunch always counts on a vegetable to obtain its benefits.

Do not include fats

We often believe that fats are synonymous with weight gain and that is why we choose to avoid them. But the truth is that healthy fats can make you feel satisfied for longer, helping to lose weight.

Nuts such as almonds or avocado are a great way to include healthy fats in your meals.

Let the lunches lead to large dinners

The big lunches are not only bad for excess calories but also can prepare your brain for big dinners.

Scientists have found that eating too many calories at once stops the production of a hormone that sends signals of fullness to the brain. This may cause you not to feel satisfied during lunch and wait for dinner to eat in abundance.

It is best to stop eating when you feel satisfied without being overly full. Consume a lean protein like chicken or fish, whole grains, one or two tablespoons of good fats and all the vegetables you want.

Eat more because it is healthy:

Eating a whole avocado at one time is not a good choice if you want to lose weight. And you have to understand that while healthy fats are good, calories are not.

Researchers have revealed that people tend to eat more than recommended when it comes to healthy foods, because they think they will leave them hungry.

However, before serving a second serving, it is important to think about all the nutrients that have the food, and you will know that it is enough for your body.

Conscious food:

It also happens that in the rest of work or stress of the day,we eat fast without thinking about the task we are doing.

But health experts recommend the conscious eating technique, which holds the importance of connecting with food, taking time for each bite to feel satisfied.

If you want to lower or maintain your weight, at lunch try to incorporate healthy fats (but not too much), always incorporate vegetables, do not eat by eating and seek to do relaxed and conscious. Do you make these mistakes at lunch?

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