Benefits of using Dedicated Servers

Dedicated ServersIf you look up online, you may find many hosting solutions available for the start-ups, especially for those which offer cheap solution for hosting. The dedicated servers are one of the best options you can choose for the start-ups or for those businesses which are growing up. There are number of benefits which you might get if you choose the dedicated server instead of any other option.

Let us discuss the few benefits which you would get if you choose dedicated server –

  1. Reliability – the shared hosting server solutions are mostly reliable and secure. But if you opt for dedicated server it provides you better security and reliability. There is a lot more going on in website even when you think it will not be operational. Due to this shared hosting many website share resources amongst them and same hardware. It works fine most of the time but if one of the website has a sudden spike in the traffic of one website can cause significant loss in the performance of the other website. However, if you are using your own dedicated server you might not have to deal with this kind of issue as resources are always available as they don’t have to be shared. This will always keep your business one step ahead than the other competitors.
  1. Root Access – it is one of the best things about the dedicated servers is that they provide Root access means complete control over the server. You get high level privileges of an administrator which is not available in shared hosting. This enables you to compile and customize your server in any relevant way you want. This also provides you freedom to customize your apps and operating system in any way you like. The dedicated servers offer you dynamic capability like Amsterdam dedicated servers provides you customized servers out of the box.
  1. Increased Performance – if the performance is the thing which you require then dedicated server will be your cup of tea as they cannot be matched with shared hosting in this turf. As dedicated servers don’t share it resources with multiple websites you get an interface which is much more fast and reliable. You can also choose dedicated VPS which can be controlled to provide you virtual server.
  1. Enhanced Support – the providers believe in offering support to its best level the dedicated server support is easy and simple to follow as it doesn’t have complication of shared resources. The team provide you 24X7 supports for dedicated server. Second thing is that it gives you a better control on the server and it’s easy to understand it doesn’t require and technical background to know stuffs about it.
  1. Privacy – it is also a very secure option and it’s definitely a need for those who run their business. If your website handles much sensitive data then dedicated hosting is the solution for you as it provides much more security and privacy than shared hosting.

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