ABSTRACT: This article is written in order to make people understand and learn about these types of new technologies which determines the statistics of our physical activities. Besides learning about the fitness tracker we will also discuss its benefits for us that how a fitness tracker is beneficial for us with respect to our health and other physical activities.

INTRODUCTION: The concept of a fitness tracker was evolved from the machines and monitors used in the past to determine the physical state of a person, the fact behind a fitness tracker is that it is portable and vary in different varieties. A person should be physically fit in order to attain a healthy life and reduce the chances of life long diseases which harms his/her immune system and other body functions as well. Fitness tracker a now a days are manufactured from different and popular brands and they have are different features. Besides that, fitness tracker are not just physical activity determiner but they are also working like a personal motivator for those, whose body almost remain inactive.

There are a lot of features which are very beneficial for us and all of them will be briefly described below, the main idea behind a fitness tracker is just to provide a statement or statistics of physical status of a particular human body but now these trackers facilitates us a step more than this.

FITNESS TRACKER AS A SMART WATCH: Basically, a manufacturing of fitness tracker just similar to smart watch makes no concept but they do so because as we discussed that it also works as a personal motivational item for a person. On the other hand, the availability of smart features in a tracker might be helpful to people not related to physical activities but in other ways for example during work out or physical exercise, a person must aware of the factors of the external environment like weather, news, work schedule and many more. So these were the factors which would be helpful for a person while using a fitness tracker.

HELPS IN FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT: How a fitness tracker could help anybody financially, does it make any sense? Of course, it makes a sense while considering in a shallow depth. Most of the people who are willing to remain physically fit or are about to fit by a huge work out, so are trainer must be required for that work out and he definitely must charge which costs a person more than a fitness tracker. Results after work out would be same of a fitness tracker and a physical trainer but the difference would be in the expenses between two of them. In a fitness tracker, all you have to do is to just purchase it and then follow the exercise routine as advice by the tracker according to your fitness plan. In the same case, when it is upon a trainer so you have to pay the charges for him until and unless you complete your plan and either it affects you or not.

SHARING OF FITNESS: In this, when you are following the work out routine as provided by the application of the fitness tracker and it is helping you out to retain your smart body figure so at that time a person can also share his/her fitness with all the people to whom he/she wants to share. So they give the appreciation to him about her hard working and retaining the smartness. Generally, a fitness tracker is similar to a computer, smartphone/watch or any smart device, so in that case all the social media applications which are running on any particular device would definitely be able to run on the fitness tracker also, so it would be easier for the users to share their great and honourable moments through this fitness trackers.

FEATURES AND THE UPDATES: This is one of the most important information to know about a fitness tracker. The main features of a fitness tracker is to determine your heart rate, spo2, pedometer (to measure your steps), GPS tracker and the up to date tool which reminds you after particular intervals of time to let yourself in knowledge about your physical status. Like this, there are many more features of a fitness tracker adopted by different brands which manufactures them as in that case, most of the brands has now introduced the waterproof fitness trackers.

Everything described above was related to the fitness trackers available at now a days and are very useful for a person to be in knowledge if he/she is demanding to buy it. A fitness tracker would be useful for that every individual who loves to do work out with the most advanced techniques and features by which their satisfaction level is increased to the highest level.

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