A Quick Guide To Managed WordPress Hosting

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What Is Managed WordPress Hosting?

WordPress is very popular and because of this, many web hosting providers choose to offer specialised WordPress plans are referred to as “Managed WordPress Hosting”.

Managed WordPress hosting can be likened to a WordPress concierge service that manages all the technical aspects involved in running a WordPress site. Some of which include: scalability, security, website uptime, speed, daily backups and WordPress updates.

The essence of managed WordPress hosting is to provide a totally worry-free experience so that your time is freed up to focus on core website tasks, like the creation of great content.

What Are The Benefits Of Managed WordPress Hosting?

The major advantage of managed WordPress hosting is the support. Technical support is offered by real WordPress experts who understand all the mechanics of WordPress and not someone at the end of the support line who has very little knowledge. In addition, managed WordPress Hosting offers:

Better Security

With managed WordPress hosting, you do not just get basic security such as daily backups, auto-updates but also WordPress top security features.

Better Caching

With managed WordPress hosting, the best caching system possible is used to make your website run faster. As a bonus, your website would require fewer server resources which will save you and your web host some money. This is a win-win situation for you as the website owner and your web host.

Better Dashboards

WordPress dashboards on regular hosting plans are not always very user-friendly because these web hosts do not really understand the WordPress software. As a result, some providers will offer you many options there aren’t always applicable to WordPress. In other instances, some providers will only offer very basic website management applications for files and databases.

Managed WordPress hosting, on the other hand, provides WordPress hosting dashboards that can do loads of things such as: show the exact WordPress version currently in use, provide individual statistics on visitors/usage, allows plug-ins to be update, multiple users on an accounts option and so on.

Staging Environments

For website managers and developers, this is a great feature. Staging environments are the exact replica copies of your existing website which only you can access. It is good for modifying code, updating themes, testing out new plug-ins before you have them applied to your live site.

Automatic WordPress Setup

This feature allows you to create a WordPress site in seconds. If you need a new website very quickly, it is possible to do so with a complete WordPress install and the relevant database connections will be created automatically. All you have to do is fill out a short form with file and admin details.

Better WordPress Support

The level of support will vary from provider to provider however, on an average, managed WordPress hosts will know more about WordPress than non-specialist hosts. So, the level of technical support you will get would be better. And because WordPress is one system, problems that arise are much easier to solve.

Manual And Automated Backup Options

Due to the popularity of WordPress, managed WordPress hosts can make the backup process more reliable, efficient and faster. In addition, your web host regularly backing up your website makes it easier to restore if anything goes wrong. A managed WordPress host making regular backups on your behalf is also good because they are in the best position to understand the structure of WordPress sites, so they would create backups that are easy to use.

Automatic Updates

Automatic updates have been a feature of WordPress for quite some time. However, managed WordPress hosting take this feature further by immediately applying security fixes as soon as they are available as well as apply newer WordPress version updates to your website. In fact, some web host will send you updates adequately prepared for your specific website.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Managed WordPress Hosting?

Less Control

Because some other person is managing all the technical aspects, you do not get as much say regarding what gets changed. However, isn’t that the goal? You do not want the stress involved in managing it yourself.


Managed WordPress hosting is more expensive than shared hosting. On average, a basic plan would typically start at around $29 per month. Whereas shared hosting plans on an average start at $3.95 a month. However, if you factor in the cost of running a large website, then it is a pretty good option.


Managed Wordpress hosting server is optimised for WordPress sites only – you are basically restricted to only hosting WordPress based site. However, this is essentially what you are looking for.

Blocked plug-ins

Managed WordPress hosting providers restrict the use of plug-ins that cause slow load times, which is not really a disadvantage particularly for larger companies.

When Is It Best To Use Managed WordPress Hosting?

For the beginner website, blogger, or small business owner, managed WordPress hosting may not the right plan. You will be better suited to basic WordPress shared plans that are more low-cost. We recommend New Zealand’s Freeparking.co.nz. They are one of the official WordPress hosting providers.

For growing small businesses and blogs, with medium to high traffic, managed WordPress hosting is a great idea. However, the final decision will depend on your website requirement.

If you do not have a lot of technical skills, then managing a WordPress site can be daunting – which leaves you with only two options, manage it yourself or hire a system admin (which costs money) if this best describes your need, then you require managed WordPress hosting. Your website is an essential part of your business and you cannot afford to have it mismanaged.

If you would like hasslefree, fast and reliable support then managed WordPress hosting is your best bet.

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