Quick Fixes for First Date Jitters

Just like with anything, preparation is key. Here are the favorite tips and tricks for keeping nerves at bay during the big night from Alex Wise a featured publisher of Loveawake.com dating site. He is a recognized expert on love, marriage, and relationships. I hope you learn more and enjoy the reading as much as we did!

Do all of your laundry well in advance.

You may have spent the last week mentally picking over your wardrobe for just the right outfit but what happens when the right bra that fits it happens to be in the hamper, or there’s a run in your only pair of clean tights? Make sure everything is clean and you’ll be fully prepared.

Give yourself an extra thirty minutes, no matter what.

Rushing takes you out of the moment and makes you clumsy. No need to gouge your eye with the mascara brush or smear a bottle of nail polish across the bathroom sink in your hurry. Take your time, breathe deeply, and enjoy the process. Calm is sexy.


It relieves nervous tension, gives you a nice glow and helps you look even more toned and sexy.

Do something un-romantic beforehand.

I’ve borrowed this from All The Rules. It’s a great idea because a lot of people (cough women cough) sit around daydreaming or fretting about the whole event while their counterparts (cough men cough) sit around playing video games.

Beware: Watching romantic movies and music puts way too much pressure on the date. I recommend laying around watching a Will Ferrell movie beforehand. That way, if all else fails, you can talk about sex panther.

Have a snack.

It’s hard to focus on another person when you’re famished. Some guys say they like a woman with a big appetite, but nobody likes someone who is cranky with low blood sugar.

Be neurotic about grooming.

Naturally, it’s a first date… you’re going to be meticulous about grooming. But this is your chance to be obsessive. Make sure every strand is in place, that you look good in every light, etc. Get the crazy out of your system before he arrives. Bonus: it makes you look like a million bucks and you can relax knowing you covered all the bases.

Shave your legs / Carry a condom

Honestly, when have hairy legs kept a girl from sleeping with a man she’s crazy about? Just shave. That way, you can feel sexy from head-to-toe. Add a condom to the mix and you’re completely prepared… just in case.

Visualize the date going well!

Just like in athletics and surgery, the pros repeatedly visualize the process in advance. They picture their own success. If you visualize yourself being at ease, having lots of things to say and feeling sexy, your mind will be ready to perform accordingly.

Dance around like an idiot.

Put on some Justin Timberlake (or Lawrence Welk if that’s your jam) and let it rip. Nobody’s watching, right?

Release the “pressure”

Ever since There’s Something About Mary, it’s just understood men make this part of their pre-date ritual. Women? Not so much. Do this after you get out of the shower (or during), but before you start getting ready. It’s relaxing and helps keep sexual frustration from clouding your thoughts. The only thing worse than running out of things to say is being able to think about nothing BUT sex.

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