9 Useful Gadgets to Keep On A Road Trip

travelRoad trips are a lot of fun. And going on a road trip with your own car just doubles the excitement and spirit of adventure. To make the most out of your road trip, you will need to make sure your car is in perfect condition.

Traveling can be a lot of fun, but things can get difficult if your car breaks down on the trip. It is always better to keep a few useful gadgets that can save you trouble on the trip. Here are a few useful, must have gadgets you need to have on a road trip.

1. Portable Jump starter and charger

A portable charger is important to keep especially because you will need a power source to charge your car battery and other portable devices like tablets and smartphones. A portable or compact jump starter is a must have, especially if you are traveling to a place that is quite far. As you travel, your car battery might run down and you may need to give it a small charge. A portable jump starter and portable charger are a must have.

2. Fire extinguisher

Fire hazards can come up unexpected when you are on the freeway. It is always better to travel with a fire extinguisher in case of fire. Keeping a fire extinguisher is a good car safety tip in case of a fire hazard.

3. An Electric Cooler/Warmer

An electric cooler/warmer is a perfect gadget to have when on a road trip.  It can be used to keep beverages cold and food hot. They are usually big enough to carry four 2L water bottles. It can keep things cold up to 2 degrees Celsius and hot things to about 60 degrees Celsius.

4. Stainless Steel Mug

A stainless steel mug is recommended to keep cold beverages cold and hot beverages hot. It is ideal for road trips especially if you love drinking coffee while you drive. Most stainless steel mugs come in various colors and capacities. Most stainless steel classes are available in 12, 16 and 20-ounce sizes. Because they are made up of steel, there is no risk of them breaking either.

5. Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit

This device may not be necessary if you own a new car. A Bluetooth hands-free basically helps you connect multiple devices. It makes it easier for you to listen to songs from your device. This gadget is ideal for older cars, simply attach the device and pair it via Bluetooth on your device.

6. Power USB Drive Ports

This can be a good gadget to have if your car doesn’t come with USB ports. Most portable USB have four ports. You can easily attach it to the car’s cigarette lighter port and easily charge up to four devices. You can use it to charge power banks as well, which can help you charge other devices you may be carrying for your adventure. This is a useful gadget to have especially if you are going on a long road trip.

7. Satellite phone

Losing a phone connection due to poor signals can be frustrating. What’s worst is being stranded on a place that has no cell phone signal. The solution to this problem is getting a satellite phone. A satellite phone can come in handy if you are traveling to parts that have no cellular network. Although, you need to be mindful, that you have clear skies and a clear view to use a satellite phone.  If you are at the bottom of a canyon, you will have to move up the canyon to get signals.

8. Power Inverter

This is a very useful gadget. It can be used to power laptops, coffee makers or toasters. The power inverter changes the 12-volt direct current from the car’s battery and turns it to a 115-volt alternate current. It can also be used to charge smartphones through a USB cable. A Power inverter is quite portable, it can easily fit into a car’s glove box.

9. First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is a must have. Prevention is better than cure, you never really know when you might need a first aid kit to fix minor injuries. Keep bandages and a few pain killers just in case you might need it on the way.

These are a few things you might need on your road trip. You can also keep a small tool box in case you need to make some small repairs. Keep a few extra empty bottles of water for your trip.

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