9 Fashion Trends for ’19

Just like 2018 got updated to 2019, and just like how we left the sorrows, and the old memories with the old year, we must also leave the fashion of 2018 behind, and look into the future. We need to update our fashion sense as the year changes. Fashion designers do this all the time, they update the old trends with new trends as the year changes. As usual, they changed a few fashion trends for the year 2019 too. According to the public, these new trends are very now and the hottest gossip in the fashion world.

Power Puff Jackets:

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Puff Jacket

We entered into 2019 with low temperatures. To withstand these temperatures, many of us use puff jackets. The fashion designers wanted to make sure that these winter wear will be able to withstand such low temperatures because, let’s face it, the temperature in 2019 winter is lower. Fashion designers added extra puff, making them super puff jackets. You can easily get these jacket using Myntra Promo Codes offer. As expected, these super puff jackets are withstanding the temperatures and surprisingly, became a sensation in the fashion world!

Biker shorts:

Biker Shorts

Yes, these started back in 2018, but, these didn’t have much impact on the fashion world back in 2018. The designs are great and although it looks tight, it is surprisingly comfortable. And the gender fluid property of these shorts has become an important factor in the success of these shorts in 2019. Everyone, from kids to adults, men, and women are loving to wear them for workouts, yoga, or any other physical activity, making this product an absolute crowd pleaser.

Animal prints:

Animal Print Fabric

I said this before, I’ll say this again, an animal print trend is an absolute killer! Leopard print one piece for women, zebra print tracks for men, tiger print hoodies for kids, and panda print hoodies for infants, all these are proof that animal print dresses are absolute killers. Wearing an animal print dress makes women look fierce, men look manly, and kids and infants look cute and adorable. Isn’t these enough to say that animal print is the trend for not just 2019, but forever?

Suits and skirts:

Romantic Suite with Skirt

Suits and skirts are like the official dress code for women in offices. But, on a date, a man comes in a suit and the woman comes in a dress. The fashion designers thought that’s not fair, women should also be able to come on a date in a suit without making it look like an official office dinner. So, they took charge and created romantic suits and skirts, for women to look lovely, and equal to a man on a date.

Puff sleeves:

Puff Sleeve Dress

A puff sleeve somehow manages to make any kind of the dress look absolutely beautiful, and the women wearing those puff sleeve dresses? There are no words to explain the beauty. Because of this, the puff sleeves rose to the top of the list in “what makes a dress beautiful?” category and “Gorgeous trend of 2019” category.


Cargo Pants

You know how they try to increase the number when they are extinct? Well, the fashion designers are now following that equation for some of the outdated fashion trends like cargo pants. They are bringing them back! And they assure that the cargo pants are going to rule 2019 fashion world, with their bulky looks, and its multi-gender compatibility.


Fur-trimmed Jacket

Fur is best to withstand cold temperatures, ask any animal alive in cold temperatures of Antarctica. But, whatever the reasons may be, over the years this trend has dimmed down. Now, for fashion of 2019, the fashion designers are bringing the fur clothing back, aiming to hit the bullseye in making women fall in love with them.

Exaggerated ruffles:

Dress with Ruffles

Now, some people have a flair for the dramatics, like matadors. For those kinds of people, the fashion designers have created exaggerated ruffles. More cloth equals more beauty, and more beauty equals more happiness, from the transitive property, more cloth equals more happiness, that’s what they are going for with this exaggerated ruffle designs. Moreover, you can easily get this design using Tata Cliq Sale offer.

All coral:

When it comes to colors, most women in 2019 are looking towards coral. From coral colored clothes to coral accessories, they are matching everything in coral. We can’t blame them, coral is, after all, a peaceful and lovely color. Bringing out the plain loveliness and simplicity of a woman, the coral color is just love. No wonder it became the kind of colors for dresses in 2019 fashion trend.

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