7 Secrets To Running A Successful E-Commerce Business

The worldwide ecommerce industry is growing very fast. And more entrepreneurs are grabbing the opportunity to be part of this growing industry. As a start-up entrepreneur, you can only realize success by using the correct approach. While there are far more specific aspects of every online business enterprise, the 7 secrets to running a successful e-commerce business may help you begin.

1. Knowing who your target market are

Customers make up the foundation to every successful e-commerce business. Figure out where your customers hang out by focusing on a niche your business is best at. Having a specific niche helps you gain retention of consistent customers. You don’t need to target all popular niches and placing various kinds of products on your site. It may lead to customer’s confusion. It’s best to treat your customers like you treat your offline buyers. Know who they are by finding out where they hang out. Learn their habits of buying in order to offer them better service.

2. Use the right tools

Research is the key to figuring out what are the best factors for using the right tools for your website. Using the right software is the key to the entire operation of your business. In choosing the right tools, you must take into consideration these factors:

  • Security concerns- having a site that is secured when it comes to protecting your customers’ payment will help build their trust into your business.
  • Usability– make sure your site is easy to navigate and mobile-friendly
  • Scalability- if the sales grow exponentially, the site must be adaptive and flexible to manage
  • Marketing tools– try to use tools that can share your sites to other mediums of marketing such as the use of social media

Invest in the best possible platform and software to integrate into your site. As a business owner, you need to foresee possible problems that may arise in order to address them in advance. Strategic planning is required to have the right software to rely on. Make sure to test and evaluate what works and what doesn’t for your site. Maintaining punchout catalogs is a great way to have your inventory information online.

3. Launch the site when it’s ready

To make a lasting impression with your customers, invest time to build the best possible site before launching. Make sure everything is in perfect working condition before rushing in to sell the products just to make a profit. A common mistake for entrepreneurs is that they are eager to rush the launch their site without checking if the site is running well. You don’t want to stumble upon problems that your customers may encounter problems with the check-out process or lack of product details.

4. Have an online presence with social media

The right marketing can drive traffic to your site which can help you gain more customers. The power of social media platforms opens up opportunities for the marketing world. Almost everything is shared and posted on Facebook, twitter, instagram or Pinterest. This gives you insight into your customers’ interests and lifestyle. Have an online presence by sharing your products, engaging with your customers and marketing your brand to increase awareness. Get involved and interact with them by providing your service according to their needs. If you can’t manage your social media accounts, you can hire a social media manager instead.

5. Having a mobile-friendly site

It is no secret that most online users nowadays have access to mobile phones. One of the best marketing tools right now is the use of mobile devices. According to Goldman Sachs, “tablets will play an increasingly important role as worldwide consumer spending via mobile jumps from $204 billion in 2014 to $626 billion in 2018…” To generate more sales, it is best to optimize your site for the customer’s access on their mobile phones. Take into consideration having an application when integrating mobile elements to your website.

6. Make your customers be your brand ambassadors

Word of the mouth spreads like fire especially if it sparks interest among people. If a customer is pleased and satisfied with the service you are giving, an instance is that they will share this with everyone. They can provide you testimonials or positive reviews about their experience with your products. It is important that you give them the best possible shopping experience or quality service to attract more customers. This adds credibility to your business. Include social elements such as follow or like buttons to your online sites to help you increase conversion rates. Leverage your business by making your customers your own brand ambassadors.

7. Run your checkout process smoothly

Having a smooth checkout grants your customers instant gratification. Ensure that customers don’t abandon their carts just because the checkout process is not successfully working. Simplify your shopping carts and have a systematic way of letting your customers get what they want. Check if the process works out fine like providing them with a lot of payment methods to choose from or making sure that there is no problem with the shipping delivery.


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