5 New Trends that Will Dazzle In Every Occasion

The world of fashion is a fast moving one. New trends emerge all the time and while some of them stand the test of time, others disappear as fast as they came. Therefore, unless you are in touch with the latest fashion trends, it will be quite difficult to dress appropriately especially when you are invited to an important occasion. Among the many trends that we see today, there are those that you can wear to any occasion. It does not matter whether you are going to a wedding or a cocktail party. You can show up with these clothes and accessories and you still will look stunning. Here are the top five trends.

1. Feathery accessories


If you go to any well-stocked store, you will find a variety of feathery accessories. From purses to bags and other accessories, they come in all kinds of designs. Some of them have large feathery features while others have only a few of them. They also represent feathers from different types of birds. These are trends that you can take to an event because they have a close relation to nature. It is style that does not know an occasion yet it stands out.


One of the reasons you will like feathery accessories is the way they can be used with a wide variety of clothing. Women in particular have an edge when it comes to this because they can try out a variety of dresses, skirts, pants, shorts, and other outfits yet still carry these outfits and still feel comfortable. It is amazing how you can use the same accessories with different outfits, but nobody will notice that you changed it in the first place.

2. Square toe shoes

Lately, the 90s trends have been making a comeback to the fashion scene. We have seen dresses that were associated with those years make a comeback to the fore. However, none of them have made a comeback bigger than that of square toe shoes for women. These shoes have become so popular that wherever you go, you will find them. The ability to customize them to suit one’s liking makes the even more appealing. To look good with the square toe shoes, you will have to wear them with an outfit that reveals them.

Just like the ginghamheels, the square toe shoes provide you with an amazing level of comfort and therefore, you can wear them to any occasion. You can create a killer look by selecting colors that complement the outfits that you want to wear them with. The good thing is that when you go to any store to buy these items, you will find a wide variety of choices and therefore, you should choose one based on the design, size, color and other attributes that appeal to you.

3. Tie and dye

  This is a trend that has been around for ages, but it never gets old. The reason it always survives the test of time is because you can change it in many ways. If you look at the tie and dye fabrics available in the stores, you will notice that there are countless variations and therefore, they can be worn to any occasion. One of the best things about tie and dye clothing is that they can be anything. They can be caps, tops pants, dresses, skirts, scarfs and many others. Make sure that you wear them accordingly to create the best look.

When choosing tie and dye clothes for any occasion, be careful with the colors. Many of them have amazing color combinations. However, you will notice that there are those that may not be as good as you want. It is a good thing that you can pick a plain colored fabric and ask an artist to dye it to your liking and therefore, creating your unique style should never be a problem.


4. Marigold yellow

If you are a bright color enthusiast, you should be in love with the marigold yellow trend. This is a style based on brightness. It will make you noticeable from a crowd of thousands. One thing about it is that it makes you look so charming outdoors. It enhances your looks by creating a bright look. Therefore, anyone looking at you will get the feeling that you are on the brighter side of life and they will want to associate with you. It is also one of those styles that change the mood of the wearer just because of the colors.


Marigold yellow should be work with the right accessories to make it look good. Usually, black or red heels will do the trick. Step out in style and let people know that you have arrived no matter the significance of the event that you are headed to. If you like, you can create an even more amazing look by making the dresses or skirts low-key or any other style that suits your body shape.

5. Animal print

Animal print is another one of the styles that will never go away. Lately, the snakeskin is the one that has been quite popular. It makes you look in touch with nature apart from creating a unique look. If you have a personal designer, you may ask them to create clothes using a variety of animal prints. For insect, one side could have a snake skin and the other a leopard. These designs are best when worn with the feathery accessories that we discussed above. Remember that to look good, you have to match the clothes and accessories.


There are many other trends that you can wear to dazzle at any occasion. For the best experiences, you need to know the styles that bring the best out of you. Remember that different body types look good in different types clothing and so, you have to choose carefully. You may want to try out several styles informant of your friends or family and let them give you an honest opinion about how they make you look. Remember the goal is to find something that will dazzle on every occasion.

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