Setting up an Ecommerce platform is a mammoth task and needs a lot of research. Last thing you want is misconception about anything related to it. Therefore we have brought you an article that clears the main prevalent doubts about Ecommerce and you are assured of what you are doing.

It is easier and cheaper

It is everything but easy and cheap. You have to pay a toll for different services you avail. And setting up an Ecommerce website is not a piece of cake. Although with much-advanced tools available nowadays, it is certainly easier than before, still it needs skill and knowledge for sure.

You can choose to not pay for small works but then you have a lot of workloads like writing product descriptions, taking product photos, and marketing and so on. Thus you must make sure that you are getting value for money and then you are good to go.

Traffic comes automatic once website is online

Traffic is the most important thing to generate revenues from your website. More exposure your products get, more is the probability of people ending up with goods in their shopping cart.

But all this does not happen on your own. There is no less competition in online business if that is what you are thinking. You must take measures to generate traffic to your website like social media ads, implement SEO, own a blog etc. Thus you must put efforts to expand your customer base.

It is completely different from offline business

You could not be more wrong if you think it is entirely different from a brick-mortar business. Some variations are there but the basics remain the same.

  • Quality is the topmost priority
  • You have to advertise your products
  • Maintaining a healthy relationship with the customer is a must.

Thus, you must chart out a plan just like in the real business and execute it efficiently. Differences in the catalogue on the website and real-world inventory must not be noticeable. E-commerce is much more than just a catalogue. It also involves supply chain management, shipping, warehousing and thus it is a mirror-image of an offline store. Only the shelves are online and visible to a large number of people at once, everything else remains the same.

No Experience is required

Expertise in the field of production and distribution is required at each stage of E-commerce biz. Those who figure that you need not have experience for an online business they have got it wrong. You must have some knowledge of the field of trade to run an online business efficiently.

Do’s and Don’ts of E-commerce are same as offline business. The tasks involved are also same so if you have had a real-world business then it helps you a lot in dealing with tough phases.

Price is the only factor

In an online business, there are many factors that affect the sales of your products. Price is definitely something but not everything. Due to stiff competition in an online market, many fresh sellers start to believe that price alone has an effect on customer’s decision.

But the fact is the customer is much smarter than they used to be, and online comparing sites have given the power in their hands. Positive reviews, ease of shopping on your website and a good customer service does wonders for your business. Customers are ready to pay more for better services. So you must focus on other criteria as well to please your customer rather than just cutting on prices and reducing your profits.

If you believe any of the things above, you are making an amateur’s mistake, correct it to step up your Online-business. Thank us Later !

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