5 Best Windows Hard Drive Data Recovery Tools

Nowadays there are various hard drive data recovery tools available that can easily retrieve data from damaged or ruin hard drives. I tried few of them to tell and help users to choose best data recovery software for their damaged hard drive recovery. I personally go through the below software’s to make sure that the features they have mentioned on their product page are really worked.

Recuva: First I tested the number one Recuva data recovery software, which claims free data recovery from damaged hard drive. I tried it first as many people recommend this tool as the best one for recovery. It has amazing features which help to recover deleted pictures, videos, audios, or all files from internal and external hard drives. I found it quite interesting and fast for lost data recovery. This tool gives the preview of your lost data once it completes the hard drive scanning process. However, I am not satisfied with this tools because it didn’t recover my files from the RAW partition of the hard drive.


Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Home : After going through the Recuva, I moved forward for the second most popular tool name as Stellar Phoenix Windows data recovery – Home. Since a very long time stellar is providing data recovery service among all over the world. This Hard drive recovery tool is one of the best inventions of the stellar company. They developed this tool with lots of amazing features, such as office document recovery, email recovery, photo recovery, audio file recovery, video recovery, etc. This tool supports all most all file types. It also allows users to recover their deleted data from the hard drive at free if data come under in the 1 GB limit. I found it very helpful for lost data recovery even it recovers data from deleted partition also. It is most easy to use tool for users; they can operate it without taking any help. I have successfully completed the lost data recovery with this amazing data recovery software.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery

TestDisk : This tool is a powerful utility available at free to recover deleted data from hard drive. Without having reasonable computer knowledge, you cannot run this utility to recover deleted data from hard drive. This tool works on Windows, Linux, and Mac as well. This tool supports all most all types of file system.


PhotoRec:  PhotoRec is another best data recovery software for lost data recovery, it has the ability to recover deleted data from hard drive. It is also available at free but its recovery process is little confusing. If you are a non-technical person then you cannot understand its working process easily, good technology knowledge required to use or operate this utility. This tool is similar to the Test disk tool, a little complex but successfully recover deleted data. It supports various file formats such as FAT, NTFS, ext2, ext3. It works like a charm to recover deleted data from hard drive, first, it tries to find the data block and then start reading the media sector by sector. However, I don’t find it good if you have a huge amount of data. This tool is good only when you don’t want to do data recovery in bulk.

PC Inspector: This tool is also another best data recovery software which can extract partition even after damaged boot sector and FAT. This tool is available at free and shows all recovered files in the simple folder. It saves the original metadata when it completes the recovery. However, I don’t find it helpful in case of hardware failure and also don’t support JPEG file.

PC Inspector

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