5 Best Hill Stations in India for that Perfect Summer Vacation with family

5 Best Hill Stations in India India has a diverse climate, the country is filled with nature’s bounty. The summer season is where the heat becomes unbearable as summertime can be hot, and humid. Thus you need an escape from the heat into a region which is much more cooler than your home state and thus you can choose from a variety of places to select from.

List of places you can visit this summer:

  • Kodaikanal (Tamil Nadu): This amazing hill station is full of greenery and dense forests make you feel like you are lost in nature. Kodaikanal lake is one the most beautiful lakes in that area. On the Western Ghats, this place is a perfect bliss of rare and endemic species of flora and fauna, the place has dense forests and secluded wildlife.
  • Darjeeling: Everyone knows where tea comes from in India, Darjeeling is known to us since we have studied in school about west Bengal’s tea estate destination. Darjeeling is considered to be the UNESCO World Heritage site, and been maintain to be one of the most visited destinations for travelers, especially when they can also enjoy the view of Kanchenjunga.
  • Sonmarg (Jammu and Kashmir): northern most state of India, Jammu, and Kashmir, is known to us as the crown of India. The beautiful state is the pride of our rich and beautiful culture.
  • Landour: it is a very nice and calm destination that will make you relax your stress level and help you breathe fresh oxygen due to greenery and beautiful valleys. Best destination to be with your family and kids.
  • Araku valley (Andhra Pradesh): this destination has not been explored much by the Travellers, Which makes this place even more heaven-like. The hill station has its own beauty that cannot be described by just words.

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