5 benefits of starting a relationship online

It goes without saying that technology is having an increasingly influential effect on every aspect of our lives, not least our love lives, and the single biggest impact has been the Internet. Because we now have instant access to such a powerful communication tool it’s hardly surprising this has been wholeheartedly embraced by the world of dating. Like any subject there are pros and cons to forming relationships online, but it’s fair to say the former far outweigh the latter, and here are five reasons why starting a relationship this way can be a positive experience.


With the advent of the first tranche of dedicated websites a decade or so ago Internet dating was something of a slow-burner. There was a degree of stigmatization about getting in touch with strangers via a web browser. Anyone having to resort to this method to seek a potential partner was perceived as being desperate. However, online dating has steadily evolved, expanding in scope and degree of convenience. This user-friendly venture has now become firmly embedded alongside all the other social media platforms that are such an integral part of the way we live today.

It has been estimated that upwards of 40 million singles in America have tapped into this resource at some point. Online dating is hardly stigmatized any more – at a conservative estimate around one in five relationships will start with virtual connections, the parties being introduced via their PC or smart device. In fact, the market area growing the most is the under-25 demographic, thanks to the availability of dating apps. This is where the sociology really taps into technology. In the modern world people don’t want to have to wait around to meet prospective partners in nightclubs or other social environments. They want the convenience of arranging a date by tapping a few buttons.

Wider social circle

Another aspect that makes online dating so much more flexible than the offline version is the wider scope it offers in terms of meeting people. Previously singles were restricted to embarking on relationships with others within their geographic setting. Now resources like Flirt.com can open a whole new vista of opportunities, with members in countries across the globe who are looking for friendship and possibly romance. There are obviously impediments to long-distance relationships but the use of video chatting can bring strangers together in exciting new ways, while the availability of cheaper travel options means face-to-face meetings are far more accessible than before.

Niche sites

Dating sites cater for a diverse range of clients and romantic tastes. There are options for those looking for long-term romance or marriage, while other websites are focused on casual encounters. Specific resources are aimed at everything from same-sex partnerships to individuals with disabilities to those who are in retirement. Relationship sites often have algorithms that ensure members are only matched with those most suitable, whether they share hobbies and interests, or have specified their sexual preference. This ability to ‘fine tune the type of person you are seeking to meet is one of the most potent attributes of Internet dating.

Excellent communication tool

Compared to offline dating, the online version is a 24/7 tool allowing people to stay in touch as frequently as they wish. This allows any site user to work their dating schedule around the rest of their lives. This flexibility and control gives a sense of satisfaction. It’s always gratifying to experience how technology can streamline our days.

The power is in your hands

In conclusion, when you are browsing through the profiles on a dating site you are very much in the driving seat. You have the power to flick past those personals that don’t make an instant impression and focus on those that do. Where offline dating can often introduce a degree of time-wasting involving persevering with an individual where there’s no real chemistry, conducting your courtship online allows you to be far more discerning.

With so much choice at your fingertips why would you dwell on someone you can’t really see a future with? It’s also much more straightforward to let someone down easily in an online environment. You are inspired to be direct and honest.

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