5 Actionable Instagram Business Tips for 2017

Instagram BusinessLooking for some actionable tips and tricks to use Instagram for your business? Well, you are at right place.

With more than 800 million users, Instagram undoubtedly has become one of the tops used apps today. With these numbers, it has become easy for businesses to market their product or services to a larger audience in less time. But it needs to be done very efficiently as there are millions of brands out there, you need to outstand the others and convert your followers to your prospective customers. It will need your hard work; your time and well yes you’re Instagramming skills matter too. So here I am going to share with you some tips and tricks to use Instagram for your business. I hope that these will work for you.

Beat The Algorithm

You may have an idea of a new Instagram algorithm that protects its user from spammed and business related posts. To place your brand or business to a larger audience, you need to break this algorithm. For breaking this algorithm the following tips can be useful to you:

Engagement Do Matters: You all know that in Instagram engagement is the primary key to be popular. But from various recent surveys, it has been proven that Instagram ranks comments and shares higher than likes. Another thing I bet you didn’t know about beating up this new algorithm is to generate the most likes/comments/shares on your new Instagram post within the first hour of it being posted.

Call-to-action: It is an excellent way to drive more traffic to your post and break the algorithm when you drive your followers towards some actions through your posts. For instance, you can ask your followers in your caption that to know more about your product or service they can visit your page or visit the link in your bio.

Hashtags: It may be an old game, but you need to be very careful about these hashtags. Be sure that you use hashtags that are relevant to your space. Another thing is to be trending, that can do by using the trending hashtags that leaders in your space are using.

High-End Videos

Talking about new trends of Videos and Stories in Instagram, you’ll surely want to invest in these as these will help you gain more followers on Instagram fast. Try to make high-end videos of your product and your team. Engage your followers by creating unique, interesting stuff. If you have some service-based business, you can make videos of how you provide your service to you customers. Professionally done videos with great sound and quality can make your content stand out in the lot.

Behind-The-Scene Look

People do love to see what is going on behind those curtains. Take your camera and capture the behind the scene moments for your viewers. Post videos of how your product is being made. For instance, if you have any food-related business, you can post videos of how you are making your cake, how you are dressing it, etc.

Grow your followers

Everyone knows that to be popular on Instagram, you need to have big followers’ lists to see your posts. There are many ways to grow your followers. One way to increase your followers on Instagram fast is to find leading pages of your industry and involve with your Industry Influencers. You can share their posts and also tag them on your posts. When you tag them they will see your post or might comment or like on it, through this your post will become visible to your influencer’s audience and this is how you can watch your followers grow organically. Another way to grow your followers on Instagram fast is to buy followers for your account. It may not be the organic way, but it can help you in setting up your business account at its initial stages.

Post Regularly And During Optimal Time

As the new algorithm is in place now, you must find out the time when your audience is most active on Instagram. Post on that particular time frame to gain more engagement from your followers. And don’t forget to post your content regularly not just once a week or once a month but on a regular basis so that whenever your follower comes visit your page, he will always find something new and exciting to see.

These were some tricks to grow your business on Instagram. It’s never a one-day process you need to be patient when following these tricks. Never lose hope; you never know which of your post makes your business shines among the other. Just stick to your business content and keep Instagramming!

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