How to use pill crusher

pill crusher

Taking the medicine daily is not a happy going task for everybody. For some to swallow a pill is just a tough job and if the pill is large than it is more difficult. For old people having pill is really challenging. To get the best result in this challenge getting a pill crusher is the smart option. It will help you in both ways whether you are taking pills yourself or from other’s help. At first, you have to know how to use pill crusher. This article will help you to know the use of this best pill crusher.

What to consider while picking a pill crusher:

Luckily this pill crusher comes in reasonable at price and available in every place. But all the crusher is not same. You have to pick the one that will meet your need. Let’s check the features:

  • User-friendly:

What is the use of a pill crusher if it needs strength to crush the pills not only at one time but multiple times? Take the pill crusher that crushes pills in just one blow and no need for strong force. That will be considered as the best pill crusher.

  • Crush or cut :

Look for the pill crusher that also has the option of cutting pills into two pieces. It is a plus point if your machine has one.

  • Long lasting:

Don’t think that as it is cheap in price, the pill crusher doesn’t last long. This pill crusher surprisingly comes with high in quality material that is resistant to any situation.

  • Can cut any pill:

Pick the pill crusher that can crush any pill size. It is not possible to take a pill crusher for every pill size. If it is little out of budget till going for a pill crusher that can cut or crush any pill size. It has to be perfect and strong enough to smash or cut any pill.

Benefits of owning a pill crusher:

Owning a pill crusher brings many benefits. To have a pill crusher in every home is highly recommended. For elderly people having a pill is quite tough. It will be easy for them to have the pills in powder form. Because this powder can be mixed with the food or drink. Same benefits can be applicable to small children also. It is not easy to give a children medicine. If you can use the pill crusher than it gets easy.

Is it safe to crush your pills?

Yes, it is a very important issue and you have to ask your doctor. While crushing pills if there is a risk of mixing up different medicine elements than go for the pill crusher that has one-time use plastic bags. Mortar and pestles work great as pill crusher but the risk of having remains are 100%. So crushing pills is a risk task for serious patients.

Steps of crushing pills:

Before going for crushing the pill, you have to see if the pill can be crushed or not.

  • If the pill is sustained than it can’t be crushed. Because it damages the elements and mechanism.
  • Coated medication cannot be damaged. Because the coating works as a protector of stomach irritation and acid.
  • Do not crush Vicodin, codeine, and OxyContin.
  • Check the drug label. There should be instruction about not crushing pills. Avoid those pills.
  • Maybe your doctor has prescribed injection or liquid. Talk with your doctor if you want your medicine in pill form. But some medicine doesn’t come in pill form.
  • When you are going for crushing medicine than crush one medicine at a time. If you do the crushing all at a time, then it may get waste. And don’t mix up different medications together while crushing the pills.

When you have many medicines to crush then you to go for pill crusher, tools. Let’s talk about the best crushing tools and it is easy.

  • Take a plastic bag. Make sure the bag is clean and dry.
  • Get a heavy cup or a small hammer to crush.
  • A small cup and strong spoon will be required.
  • Soak the pill in the water. It makes the pill soft and the crushing task will be easy.
  • Use the hammer and pound the pill. While pounding shake the bag and crush evenly. Repeat it till the pill is totally crushed.
  • In the mortar place the soaked pill and pound with a pestle. Pound it till the pill turns into powder. After crushing, make sure to clean the tools, it is important.
  • Then pick the food or drink in which you will mix this crushed powder. It will be easy to take the medicine.
  • Now clean the pestle and mortar and make it dry. Make sure it is safe and don’t contaminate your medicine.
  • There is dosage amount you have to take care. If you crush one pill then you can take full food with the powder. If you crush two pills then take the food in two times in half amount.

Consuming pills is a tough job for old patients and small children. To make this easy the pill crusher works well. For this, it is important to know how to use pill crusher. I think you have now enough information about pill crusher and the usage information. Just pick the one that will work for you and your medicine. This crusher will help you to follow your medicine routine with ease.

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