Top 10 Woodworking Tools That Needs for Every Craftsman

Are you new in woodworking? Then, you may face some problems about choosing that which woodworking tools need you most.

In the light of my previous few years experience in woodworking field, I am going to share in this article about top 10 woodworking tools that you must have to start your woodworking task.

So, let’s check out the list!

Table Saw:

The table saw is the most imposing tool that a woodworker needs. It is also the most costly woodworking tool. Though some could claim that it should not be enlisted in the top 10, there are some tasks that only normal hand tools cannot do. Performing those tasks, the table saw plays a vital role.

This woodworking tool creates consistent and straight cuts. But when you are going to set up a table saw, you have to set according to the depth of the blade. You also should adjust the fence in accordance with the desired width.

Types of Table Saws

The three main categories of table saws are as follows:

  • Cabinet Saws
  • Contractor’s Saws
  • Hybrid Saws

Circular Saw:

A circular saw is the most necessary tool for the carpenter. It is a table mounted saw. There are a number of uses of a circular saw. It is very much helpful fine-tuning the woodworking projects.

Its blade depth enables the woodworking person to cut offs, narrow slots and dados. It has downsides and upsides. The downside is lightweight and sometimes causes to move at the time of cutting.

It can cut sheet goods with a straight-edge accurately. A circular saw can cut curved shapes with its special blades. The mobility and the versatility of a circular saw give the carpenter freedom to work anywhere.

At the time of purchasing a circular saw, You should consider the following facts and features.

  • Circular saw measuring Jig
  • How many TPI should your saw blades have?
  • Panel Cutting and Ripping Jigs
  • How to select the right circular saw blade
  • Final cut circular saw blade
  • ARCUS Blade

Power Drill:

Power drills are such tools that every house should have. It is the basic woodworking tool. You can use it for various purposes. As a power drill, you can choose handheld drill or a drill press.

There are some others options you should consider when you are going to buy a power drill. First of all, find out what sizes of chuck you want to make with a power drill, 3/8-inch or 1/2-inch, keyed or keyless, straight or hammer. There are different sizes of the power drill in the market.

Wood Router:

A wood router is a versatile woodworking power tool. By applying its complex or basic edge profiles, a woodworker can make a various piece of stock. It can be the best alternative of a hand. A woodworker can do a wide range of woodworking tasks with a wood router that he usually does by his hand. Thus he can also avoid some risk indeed. But remember it that you should use it with some prior practice.

A beginner woodworker can start his craftwork with a wood router even he does not have much experience in this regard. A wood router is a rotary tool having a high-speed. It has various bits. So, the woodworker can use an unlimited number of profiles.


The jigsaw is another versatile saw and a hand-held tool. Woodworkers use it mainly for cutting curves. If you have a jigsaw, you may have a lot of freedom in cutting. Because with a jigsaw you can cut circles, straight and curves.

You can have very fine curves with its width depth blade. The blade has two sides, downside, and upside. The downside is straight lines and you may face difficulties in cutting some woods. But the most important thing of a jigsaw is that you have to make sure to have sharp blades of it.

Random Orbital Sander:

Random orbital sander is mainly a great finish sander. It is a hand-held tool. It has a circular movement. So the user need not have a notice in the grain direction all the time. Moreover switching the sandpaper discs takes only a few seconds for having a velcro pad.

Most of the random orbital sanders have speed control system. So, you can control the speed of its orbit as well. It is an important feature of random orbital sander as you can avoid over or under sand with this speed control system.

Compound Miter Saw :   

It is a mobile woodworking tool. You can set a compound miter saw at both ends of your extended tables. You can have a very accurate and quick and cuts with it. You can make compound cuts also with this compound miter saw. The compound miter saw includes a rotating vertical pivot in addition to the rotating table. This rotating vertical pivot has the cutter head as well as the blade. So, it allows you both horizontal and vertical cuts.

Drill press:

The drill press is a tool that can give you a guarantee of a straight-sided and unwavering hole. Whether you want to drill a series of holes or for a chair rung, it is the ultimate solution of your drilling. If you are going to purchase a drill press, you should consider the following features:

  • Chuck size:
  • Spindle travel:
  • Table size:
  • Table tilt:
  • Motor power:

Portable Belt Sander:

The portable belt sander is the best solution when you are going to deal with flat, large and rough surfaces. Nothing can beat the brute strength and high speed of it in this regard. It is a heavy tool and accepts sanding belts.

A portable belt sander is ideal for the narrow edges of the boards. It can sand all the edges as well as clamp several boards together at the same time. This technique saves your time and ensures better results. There are four standard sizes of a portable belt sander, heading:

  • 3×18 inch,
  • 3×21 inch,
  • 3×24 inch,
  • and 4×24 inch

Wood Tool Sharpener:

Wood tool sharpener is the best tool for woodworking. A powerful sharpener plays a vital role to make the others woodworking tools prepared. Most of the new woodworking tools require sharpening to get ready for use. To have a perfect edge on every woodworking tools, everyone needs a good wood tool sharpener.

Bottom Line:

Here I have tried to bring up the top most important woodworking tools that everyone should have to run a woodwork. Hopefully, these tools will make your woodworking smooth.

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