Thames Cruise – A Thrilling Way to Have a Christmas Party in 2018!

Thames CruiseAfter working hard throughout the year, most companies usually have a day off for the management to go ad infinutum on how the year has been, how wonderful the team is, how despite the hard economic conditions, the company is still around(when this line is trotted out, know that no bonuses are awaiting ), etc.

Basically, most office parties are so predictable that one is tempted to call sick on the day of the Christmas party and just watch movies at home.

You can be sure the office party setting will be in a hotel or a retreat somewhere, with a sprinkle of some décor and a jaded emcee trying to have guys gel together. The management will give some speeches, a few guys will get some honorable mentions. A buffet dinner will follow and a free bar afterward, which leaves most people with raging hangovers and others with misgivings later at the candid piece of mind they gave the CEO on how to run the company in some enlightened alcohol-fuelled moment.

Forget that.

In London, there is a novel way to have an office party that will leave everyone with fond memories. So why don’t you plan for a Thames Christmas Party 2018?

Yes, you can have a Christmas party while cruising on the Thames. Nothing beats sailing past iconic London sites like :

  • Tower of London,
  • The Big Ben,
  • The London Eye,
  • The Houses of Parliament
  • The Docklands,
  • Millennium Dome
  • And others

The cruises are done in the evening and at night though there are daytime cruises too.

Picture this.

  • You get onboard the boat and are welcomed with a drink.
  • You then begin to cruise while tucking into a three-course sumptuous meal.
  • You enjoy a live band and a singer to enhance the festive mood.
  • After three-four hours you are taken back to the pier in Central London.

And if you really want let your hair down, so to speak, you can do a Christmas Club night cruise in which for four hours you will have a live DJ and dance the night away.


The boats for the Thames cruises are air-conditioned and specially made to enhance the cruise experience.

They are:

Symphony – This is one of the most beautiful looking cruisers on the river. It features an all-glass construction, thus offering an uninterrupted view all around.

Harmony –A large Scandinavian design boat with flexible layouts. The dining area is on the lower deck and has large glass windows to facilitate outside viewing. It is one of the largest boats on the Thames.

So, when planning for the office party in 2018, remember Thames 2018 Christmas party. Let go of the stale and run of the mill office parties and go for a compact, unforgettable Thames cruise.

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